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Buzzzzzzzzzz.......I am in NANJING AR!!!!

Well here I am in nanjing right now usin jonathans( Our keyboard player) computer tryin to catch up on stuff replyin and receivin emails...We arrived in beijing on the 15th and had a fee day so skot jonathan and I went to check out forbidden city and tiananmen square...It was so awsome to be checkin out chinese history there cus the last time i was in beijing i was like 5 years old??....After that we went to wang fu jian to eat and crikey we were lucky enough to try out the local cuisine like lamb skewers and fried scorpions,seahorses and last of all fried beetles!!....Crikey i got pics to post up soon..It was nuts....We all had an early nite cus the Eas show was the next day.....

May 16th: We got up so early to go to sound check and crikey the equipment was so good..I had a Fuckin nice DW drumset which had yellow shells and black metal ware...I was so shocked to c the high standard of musical instruments in china and high quality of audio gear...So c'mon Hk "U can do it" The show started with a packed beijing crowd http://ent.sina.com.cn/y/2007-05-16/22371556660.html its worth checkin out cus the camera shots made the show look so good go there and scroll to bottom to and click on the song names....After the show we left straight to the airport for nanjing....Arrived tired and went to the nice hotel and just chilled for a bit b4 going downstairs lookin for some nice nanjng cuisine..Yep we found Lamb skewers again but no insects...weeeooooo...Slept early that nite cus show the next day again...

May 17th: Woooo....The venue was fuckin huge for a 10 song gig...Again I was so happy and surprised to see a nice maple colured DW drumset with all the cymbals i wanted...China fuckin rules!!!!....LOVIN IT!!!... Rehearsal was hot and sweaty cus they dun like to use AC in the halls...But anyway we still had a great time..The show started at 8pm and we rocked the shit out of nanjing...Eas was on fire rulin the stage as usual...It was awsome!!!!...After the show, We had a wrap up dinner with eas and his crew at a nice hotpot place chillin,drinkin and eatin like pigs..(Well at least i was) After dinner went back to the hotel to kick it and then downstairs for some more lamb!!!...I swear i shat a whole lamb out that nite......

May 18th: My phone died until today ar!!!!...buzzzzz Today we finally got a chance to sleep in!!!.....Yeah!!.....Woke up at 3pm and skot and I drank our daily dosage of coffee and then headed out to the ming tombs to llok for bun,jon and a chuen..That place is a historical moument where 13 kings from the ming dynasty's till da i dunno dynasty's were buried..It was a huge park with awsome scenic surroundings..fotos will be uploaded soon....We walked hell a far and really gettin to walk thru these historical buildings was a mind blow up for me.....After that we went back to the hotel for dinner and then went out for some drinks...Nanjing is totally rockin!!!....Going to chengdu tomolo mornin.........

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my favorite part of your blog: "13 kings from the ming dynasty's till da i dunno dynasty's were buried" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! you made me laugh so hard muthafucka! :-) i'm so proud of you dude...keep kicking that ass!
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