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Lazy Mutha Fucka's not as lazy as you think

After stoppin for 6 years and with our members involved in different aspects of music around town,We have now reunited to Have some fun and make some music!!...Who says you need record companies to back you up for makin music???....Come to www.wildlazymf.com to free download LMF's new song!!!....We actually aint that lazy anymore.....we have our 1st show of our WIld lazy tour on december 6th singapore then its our home town HK in january 2nd....See ya's there!!!! www.wildlazymf.com[![](/attachments/2009/11/09/16/23302_200911091621341.thumb.jpg)](/batch.download.php?aid=5863666)

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once after 6 years is not at all lazy! :-D
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
awesome! so happy you guys are getting back together. will definitely go check you guys out!! i can see you on the right in the koala mask. is phat the tiger 2nd from the left? and kit the lion next to you? hmmm...and davy maybe the tiger in the middle? and umm... prodip on the left with the wolf head? and mcyan the eagle? not sure .. just guessing! the only one for sure is you (cuz of the tats)!!
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Photo 73300
Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMF is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Photo 34610
Welcome back to the LMF!
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Photo 23416
Omg! This is damn awesome!
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Photo 337367
MY MEN ARE BACK!!! and i promised amy n dailo ting to help selling the products at the counter for you guys!!! heehee... support support to the max bro!!!
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Photo 31588
oh wow H.K. the best musician maker and the best friend union!!
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Doryuk 63 doryuk
looking forward to the show !!
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Photo 23300
Finally after 6 yrs !
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Photo 517333
LMF is come back !!
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Photo 23434
Can't wait to see you guys back on stage again, woohoo!!!!! :) rockon bro!!
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Photo 568327
I'm so happy you guys are back on stage again! I wish you guys would come to Toronto..
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