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My recent DVD purchases...

I used to be an avid toy collector, star wars, gijoe, he-man, dc, marvel, spawn, you name it, i have it (at least got one or two item from each series), but when you realize some of the items in a series always end up in those collectible stores with outrageous price, while they are supposed to be hanging on the shelf of a regular toysrus or target, you begin to understand it is probably not a very healthy habit, both for your collecting appetite and pocket, so instead I have changed from collecting toys to dvd...

and here below is a small corner of my dvds...

I am pretty addicted to buying dvds these few years, it's like everytime I go out, i must stop by some department stores, just to check out if there is any dvd bargain or rare stuff there. sometimes you get to find something great, but for most of the time, the local stores here are just so boring, so in fact i end up purchasing more online now...

some of my recent purchases include:

godfather trilogy (coppola restoration blueray) : i guess no reason is needed for this purchase, right? i have been waiting not to get the regular dvd for years, just to wait for this version... and i just finished the trilogy right after i got the shipment, crazy, but worth it for sure.

akira (blueray): somehow the regular dvd of this film (us version) is out of print for a while, and it seems a re-release isn't gonna happen in the near future. well, akira is definitely a film that's worth a blueray transformation, and the quality of the transfer is terrific, so fans should get one, the only drawback is the lack of extra materials...

do the right thing (2disc): this is a new version, this film got a criterion release a few years ago, but now it is available again from another distributor. the transfer is actually better than the criterion one... nice and revoluionary film by spike lee, if you haven't seen it, it's time to get the dvd now!

human condition trilogy: criterion's new release, i am still waiting for the shipment. this is supposed to be the masterpiece of kobayashi masaki, the genius who also made films like "harakiri", "kaidan", "samurai rebellion" and "the fossil".  the hc trilogy dvd is actually my most anticipated dvd of the year, cant wait to check it out!!!!

L'avventura: an old criterion release... there was a bargain on amazon so just got it immediately. one of antonioni's best, not much explanation needed either..

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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
I know what you mean about buying DVDs. Because I'm into Hong Kong films, I have to buy exclusively on line. I'm trying to purchase some of the older stuff that either has been out for a few years and is in danger of going out of print or reissues of things that have been out of print for years. I've either seen or purchased a lot of the mainstream stuff, so now I'm onto some of the more obscure. Hong Kong certainly released a lot of movies before the big crash at the end of the 90s. I've watched probably close to 200, and I've barely scratched the surface. I've almost stopped buying CDs to make room for more DVDs. :-)
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The only 1 of the above I have seen is Do the Right Thing. Long time ago. I got the husband to bring back Tokyo Sonata, Happy Flight and Shinjuku Incident. He's returning from HK.
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wow I'd love to see these. I just picked up a collection of Ozu films from Criterion about a month ago, havent had the time to watch them though.
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Don't forget your dream!


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