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My little adventure, a picture story...

Ok, so here below is a picture story of my little adventure:

This is actually the starting point of the adventure.

so luckily i found a hole in the cell, and managed to escape from there...

and then i sneaked onto a boat and left the island...

after i landed, i noticed someone had prepared a car for me, well, not really a great choice for a covert operation, but it's better than walking.

i then realized i got locked up for too long and couldn't wait to fill my stomach up..

ok, better not to keep my boss from waiting for too long, after my meal, it's time to get the instruction for my next mission...well, from his look, seems like he was quite satisfied with my successful escape.

didn't i tell you i am a spy? and my code name is "beijing no.9", no, it is not related to "cj7"...

time to start the journey, first to new york new york, yes it is double ny.

and then to paris...

next was egypt.

a spy mission without car chase? no way...

and horse ride was a sure thing..

the horse was good, so i went on riding for a thousand miles, getting past the canyon..

and ruins, well these buildings kinda reminded me of some scenes in antonioni's films somehow..

i finally reached the first destination, time to start my work...

what're they manfacturing?

does it look like some facilities that usually appear in "the x-files"?

after i had gathered enough data, i started my journey again

just happened to come across some colleagues on the way, looks like they were having a difficult journey too..

almost there..

the second destination, does it look like jabba the hutt in star wars?

haha, finally spotted my target.

what? no return route for me? someone was shouting from down there, so i went to take a look..

oh no, the enemy did ambush underneath the cliff....too late to escape now.. help!

ok, so i was back to the cell, and with the reinforced security measure, it would probably take much longer time for me to break out again.

the end...

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Kenjilui 15 blog profile
it is in las vegas, if i remember right, it is a clinic....
almost 13 years ago
Kenjilui 15 blog profile
it's probably not a nice hotel to stay at nite, coz you'd always hear those "wooo" screaming from the roller coaster
almost 13 years ago
Kenjilui 15 blog profile
that's actually a nice place, highly recommended by my cousin.. it is in downtown sf, on polk st.
almost 13 years ago
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