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How the media can manipulate perspective!!

Look at this news header (the left one) below: '

You read "Supes compared with Nazis" and you got the only three Chinese supervisors on top, and then you click the article http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/06/09/BABD183R7G.DTL and you realize there is not a single sentence in the article mentioning the three persons in the picture, furthermore, the board's resolution they mentioned in the article was passed in 2006, way before the three persons above were elected to be supervisors, plus the one who sponsored the resolution was  former supervisor Tom Ammiano. So why did they have to use this pic for this news????? (there are 11 supervisors in total)

I mean, perhaps you can call me sensitive, but when I first read the article, I read the word "nazi" and then saw three Chinese supervisors in the accompanied pic, so what kind of perception do you expect from a reader like me who haven't read the article yet? Or what if someone who don't really spend time to read it but only try to associate the pic with the news header and get an impression of what the news story is about...

I know the media is and always will be very subjective, but they should also carry some social responsibility too...

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hmm... not the best title, but I don't think its part of a subconscious plot to vilify these three politicians. if people are going to jump to conclusions w/o reading the article, then there's little hope for them anyway.
about 15 years ago
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so their secret agenda is to vilify Chinese American politicians?
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