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The Death of Technology

So.... I am sat here at my buddies house using his PC (god I hate PC's!!!) as my Macbook Pro is at Apple Store ER. Can't make any music as my back up hard drive is 120 miles away at my folks.

It's amazing how crippled I am by the loss of my computer. Literally everything work wise has to be put on hold until I get it back.

I am now appreciating the Terminator movies a bit more... Rise Of The Machines!!! 20 years from now when they start giving computers A.I (Artificial Intelligence) we are all gonna be scre...Read more

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Who I have worked with... in case you were wondering

Hey Guys,

Just a quick entry as I thought I should post up some of the people I have worked with so you have a better idea of whatI have done.

Still in London, just had 2 days of snow and London has groung to a halt, typical!!!

So I am sat here at home unable to get to my studio....

Anyway.. take a look at the slide show below to see who I have worked with

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Goodbye Hong Kong... but not for long!!!

So... I spent 6 great weeks in HK over the holidays, a mixture of family holiday and business. I met some great people like Robin Chi at Warner, Jun Kung, Race and Rosanne Wong, Jin, Brian Woo, Edward Chen, Hanjin, and of course all the guys at AnD!! Thanks Patrick for all the intros! And of course thaks to Spencer Douglas for running round like a mad man for me!

So it looks like I should be back to HK fairly soon. London is cold and grey and a far cry from the hustle and bustle of HK. I look forward to bringi...Read more

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Another Platinum Abum...!

Happy New Year to one and all!

Just thought I would blog to let you know I am celebrating a project I was working on in the UK going Platinum... that's 300,000 units sold. The group are a band called N-Dubz, an urban Black Eyed Peas style group who surprised everyone at the end of last year with their debut album Uncle B.

Unfortunately Universal (UK) have disabled embedding of the video from YouTube, but here is the link to one of their singles called Ouch! Check it out!

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Hello HK... again!

Well... I hadn't been back to HK in 6 years and after a week it feels like I never left. We left miserable London in grey skies and - 4 temp for a 3 week holiday with my wife Jen and daughter Talia visiting Jen's family. But I am a workaholic and of course I end up networking and spreading the Afreex web in HK. My good buddy Spencer Douglas has been hooking me up with meetings and I met Patrick who got me hooked up on AliveNotDead. Patrick invited me to the Pat Lee Exhibition and launch of his new comic Orius, that guy has got TALE...Read more

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