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N-Dubz... New Album... Big Expectation!!

So... I am finally back from a long 5 week stint in London working for NDubz. Missed the fam loads as haven't been away from my daughter and wife for that long!!These are the same band I originally blogged about in January who went Platinum. Well to date that first album has sold just over 500,000 copies... pretty impressive for a debut album. Anyway, the guys had said after the first album that they wanted to work with me again. So on September 20th I flew back to London to work again with them on their second al...Read more

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We'll Make Your Album

Hi everyone. Sorry, it's been a while since I last wrote anything. Been busy both Professionally and personally.But I am back, and just thought I would update you all on a feature in Time Out this month that I am in. It's called "We'll Make Your Album" that Time Out HK  are holding in conunction with Diesel:U:Music and I am one of the judges along side Steve Wong Ka-Keung (Beyond), Anthony Wong Yiu-Ming (People Mountain, People Sea), and Wong Chi-Chung (Commercial Radio).Read more

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Behind the scenes and interview with Van Ness Wu

So... I am sure there are lots of people on this site waiting for this. Sorry it took so long, I have been so busy. But a good friend of mine put together this small video of the 3 days in the studio in June I did with Van Ness, there are photos, an interview with Van Ness, and a couple "behind the scenes" video clips. I hope you all enjoy!
For those of you in China that can't watch Youtube, try clicking the link below to watchVan Ness &a...Read more

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Kelvin Avon: Beijing's Soul Sister Tia Ray.... What a voice!

So... I just got back from 6 days in Beijing. It was my first time to go so I was looking forward to the trip. The main purpose of the trip was to work with an artist called Tia Ray... and wow... what a singer. A very, very talented young lady. It was a real pleasure to work with. The day I arrived was also the AnD launch with Tom.com in Beijing and Tia was performing so I went down to say hi to all the AnD guys (Pat, Raffi, Stev...Read more

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King of Pop.... RIP

One of my biggest musical influences has passed...I have no words....

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Van Ness Wu & Kelvin Avon Studio Session

Man... it's 2:45am... just finished 3 days in the studio with Mr Wu, and what a 3 days! I was looking forward to these sessions as I felt I had some really great ideas for Van Ness. We were joined by Him (a great lyricist) and Nick (a piano maestro).Three day later and three amazing songs later... the creative vibe in the studio was incredible. I am pretty exhausted... late nights in the studio and early mornings getting up with my beautiful daughter!I know there are loads of Van Ness fans out there so I will ...Read more

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Yes.. Music really does Matter!!

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone at AnD for sorting out the artist pass's for the Music Matter's conference at the Grand Hyatt on  3-4 June. For those of you that didn't jump at this opportunity, you really missed out. Make sure you go next year!!...Read more

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Van Ness Wu & Kelvin Avon... watch this space!!

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Nothing Like The Holidays!!

I can't believe this.....!!! I am losing my mind in my old age..lol.I completely forgot that a track I worked on was placed in a Hollywood movie last year. The movie is called "Nothing Like The Holidays", which I still haven't managed to watch yet (how crap an i?!). The song was in the movie and is on the Soundtrack which was released in Dec 2008.Read more

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Silver... Gold... PLATINUM!!!

ahhhh.. at long last my Platinum disc has arrived for a project I worked on in throughout 2008. I mention them in an earlier blog. They are a UK band called N-Dubz who have sold over 300,000 records in the UK alone! It's a good feeling when one of the projects you are involved in exceeds everyone's expectations, congrats to everyone involved.Check them out at:  Read more

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