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Was never a selfie kinda guy, but I definitely couldn't resist taking one with my brother, mentor, partner in crime on the rhythm department. You have no idea how much I learnt from this guy!! Thank you for being there for me thick and thin!!

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Check this track out!! I played drums on it!!

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First day of shooting!!!! Everything is a learning experience, I just wished that people would complain less and do more to contribute to society!!

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The Greatest drummer of all time !

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Happy new year yall!!!!!! Have a great and prosperous 2017!! Thank god 2016 is over!!!!

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Emergency News

Radio 1 FM announced that Thai govt confirmed: Emergency notification: Do NOT eat canned food especially those canned fruits manufactured in thailand . There were 200 over HIV carriers instructed by their leader to contaminate the products of the canned food factory with their blood. The information was confirmed by the government this morning. In order not to let the people get infected after eating, many types of canned food such as longgan, lychee, rambutan and mango pudding had been removed from the shelves of supermarkets. Please send to p...Read more

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I'm never gonna dance again! RIP

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Oliver sends his Xmas greetings!!!

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