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Finding friends and friends of friends to be extras in your big crowd scenes

is one way to save money on an indie film shoot.  But when you are looking

for your extras to disrobe that can be another story!

In FTG, Cole Kim finds himself on the set of a porn shoot.  We needed to

find men and women who were comfortable being nude for the scene.  The day

before the shoot our extras casting team had lined up 5 guys and 8 women.

At 11pm that night the number of women had dropped to 5 and then by our

early morning call 0.  The guys all showed up but the women all changed

their minds for various reasons.

How can we shoot a scene on a porn set with out nude extras?

Here is the video about that stressful day!

Lesson learned that day:  For nude scenes go with professionals!

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yeah how much do you have to pay for that kind of talent?
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