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The Explorer 08-09

I was recently asked by one of my old teachers back in Secondary School to design the cover to this years yearbook. Why not? It's the least I can do for the people who gave me a first class education! I graduated 2003.

It's called the Explorer.

The reason this yearbook is particularly significant because it's the last year before the existing principal retires. Mr. C...Read more

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French Art of Pleasure @ LKF

Kronenbourg 1664 launched in LKF last night, and I was invited along with the other artists to attend the media event.

K1664 asked 3 artists and 2 design houses to come up with a series of work that is used as Mobile Art advertising the brand, they also produced a range of products using the art from beer glasses to coasters to round tables, etc.

Here is some of my stuff up a...Read more

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Soul Heaven, Cut&Paste, K1664, EVENTS!!!!

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Nothing like turning a year older to make you look back and wonder where the time has gone.

Unfortunately, turning 24 has made me realize that I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I would have liked to by now. Got to keep hustling!

Below is a poster I designed for the upcoming Soul Heaven event next Thursday the 14th of May at Drop. Typography byAiden Ho. The design is based around the usual Soul Heaven br...Read more

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Website Update

Hello! Updated my website! Check it out atjonathanjaylee.com

Was also featured in Kee Magazine recently, a very beautiful publication for the very prestigious Kee Club. The online version of this issue can be read athttp://www.theantithesis.net/ magazines/kee-i38...Read more

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Your subject may have a maximum length of 80 characters or 40 Chinese characters

Some illos that were exhibited!

Neo New York

Wolf + Cub 2

Read more

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¿Que esta aqui?

Lots going on. Sleeping weird. 8:40am and still working. Maybe I sleep soon. Maybe indeed. For a few hours at least. A zombie I am.

Havana Night for Time Out HK. In new issue out now.

Typography on top of it in latest issue of TOHK. Hot girls + mini skirts = my fav...Read more

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I'ma Beats you up!

Pick up an issue of Beats this month if you're in Hong Kong! They make me sound much cooler than I actually am (which is not very, unfortunately).

Been super busy on lots of projects, including regular Time Out illos, a poster for an upcoming Havana Night, really big banners for Pure House, and a couple of super awesome projects I am not at liberty to talk about yet! If you haven't checke...Read more

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Happy Valentines

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Thanks to everybody who came to my opening reception!!

Unfortunately, I left my camera in my bag the whole night, so I haven't got any pictures. I also left my ipod with my playlist on it in my bag as well. I totally forgot. Again, thanks for coming!

The show is up until the 27th, so check it out if you get the chance.

Also, did someone steal my 'feed me', 'take me', and 'sign me' reception table drawings? If you did, give them back.

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Interview with Lifestyle Asia

Just had an interview with Lifestyle Asia, the online magazine. Very cool for them to describe me as an 'explosive up and coming illustrator'!


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