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Super Sketchbook Update + Rambling

I consistently draw in my sketchbook on a regular basis. I think everyone should carry around a notebook or a moleskine. Just something to keep your thoughts down, in case you forget. I forget alot.

I pretend like there's a story to every character I draw. I'm not sure if this shows through all the time, but its interesting what people can interpret from some ink marks on some paper. This one student doing his A-Levels in the UK wrote a paper on me last year. It was weird because he analyzed certain pieces of my work to an extent that even I wasn't aware I was doing. Makes you think, all those masterpieces hanging up in museums, with millions of curators and intellectuals writing about their work. Do you think the painter who painted them really put all that thought into those paintings? Or did they just sit down and paint? I figure alot of the process is intuitive. This isn't your typical math problem.

I very rarely play with typography. Mostly because I suck at it. But a friend of mine recently showed me an awesome book called 'Hand Job', which showcases hand drawn typography. Again, the brush pen is my ultimate.

I'm in love with this girl. But she doesn't know it.



Ok, massive sketchbook update completed. I didn't include alot of stuff because you probably wouldn't understand it. Actually, I don't really understand it myself. Maybe it'll make sense at a later date.Anyways, check out GalleriHK. I was featured in Issue 3. It's a small magazine with a low print run that's distributed around Hong Kong. You can also download pdf versions of each issue. The magazine is entirely dedicated to showcasing local talent around HK; designers, artists, architects, photographers, etc.

It's set up by these two design studios in HK, and everything is paid for out of their own pocket. I think it's pretty cool when someone does something like this, it's like giving without taking. It's very rare to see something like this in HK where there isn't any kind of profitable business plan involved. Especially in HK, where money is everything. Everyone knows the Design Scene is going to boom in HK and China, and everyone says it all the time. But I think when they say these things, they only really see it with dollar bill signs in their eyes. Am I rambling?

All I really want to say is what my peers have been telling me for the past 7 years. Just do what it is that you love. If you want it enough, you can have it.

"But I don't get it, what about making money?", says HK.

Don't be daft. Apparently in HK, there's no such thing as drawing for a living. I look forward to moving my base of operations there at the beginning of June.

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