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Sukiyaki Western Django

I saw this. And I couldn't resist so I had to share. It's a trailer for a Samurai/Western Movie.

Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=9-TGaGa3QAcApparently it's been out in the states but I hadn't seen it in HK. The DVD should be released in about a month. I hope it's showing somewhere in HK right now, I want to watch it like crazy.

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Looks like a fun ride. It's showing here in MI, but only at some tiny indie theatre way north of me. Ah well... DVD release can't be far off....
about 12 years ago
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Ah yeah, remember it was playing at the HKIFF but all screenings were full.
about 12 years ago
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look it ~~~~
about 12 years ago
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wow ... that looks really awesome!
about 12 years ago
J! It releases to DVD Nov. 11 here in the US.
about 12 years ago
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oh mannnn i so cant wait. thanks for the dvd report missscarlett! i shall wait patiently as possible. i wanna learn how to catch a sword between my palms like that.
about 12 years ago
Yeeeeeeeee.... good luck with that. Make sure you get pictures :P
about 12 years ago
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devin and i saw this movie like a month ago at sunshine... at first we were like.... O_O then we were like T_T THEN we were like ^_^ we were hyped just like you... then when we saw it................... i mean.. the story was REALLY bad ALL the japanese actors spoke BROKEN ASS english... like everybody in the theater was cracking up when this girl was like "GATORING GAN" (gatling gun) then at asiapub the next day we decided that we did like it after all.
almost 12 years ago
@ edatron: So kinda like "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" then. One of those films that has to sink in a bit before it's liked?
almost 12 years ago
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CRAZY--- yupi-yeye !!!
almost 12 years ago
saw it in a cinema festival here last year..it's cool, and as any Takeshi Miike movie..weird and stupidly funny... ^^
almost 12 years ago


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