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  • More Moleskin Goodness + Wallpaper + Opium Soul

    Tuesday, Jul 15, 2008 3:45AM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Some doodling as follows. Don't ask me to explain this one. Don't know where I would start.

    I really like this figure on the right. She reminds of someone I probably wished I knew. But since we can only see so much of her, I guess we will never really get to know her. Perhaps that day will come when she will reveal herself. At least her name, anyways.

    Have a desktop wallpaper: 1280x800, 1600x1000

    Another Opium Soul Event coming up soon! My buddy Dan uses alot of my work for the promotionals, here is the latest addition to it! All illustrations I post are copyrighted.

    I'm going to Taiwan for the weekend to see some familia. And to get inspired by all the pretty. I think my next blog entry I will describe the step by step process of how I work from start to finish. Stay tuned!!

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