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A few weeks ago I came across my black book. It's a notebook with all my random thoughts, drawings, and poems.  As I went through it, I realized that  I've stopped expressing myself creatively.  Whether it's drawing, brainstorming ideas for scrīpts, or poetry, I've completely blocked it out. 

I'm not much of a poet, but I know I like to rhyme. So let's call these rhymZ.


In this little cirlce we call life,

we all look for meanings that define us right.

The urgency to be a distinguished gentleman,

sometimes can lead to a mistake in judgement.

As men, we work, we eat, and we sleep.

Do we ever take the time out to be "me !?"

The strive for success is now so clouded,

we don't even know if what we are doing is worth it.

Is it for money? Is it for fame?

Is it for others so we can be a name?!

Ego most people will say define us,

But for the most part, it destroys us.

Our soul, our hearts, our minds

Something that use to set us right.

Is now a full moon that can't  be seen in the night.



Listen, listen carefully, Listen very carefully,

your heart speaks to you and you only.

To trust it is not a crime but a win,

to ignore it will lead you to a dead end.

Regardless of the moment  in question,

you should always choose to accept the mission.

It might be wrong, it might be right,

it will always allow you to sleep at night.

Never fear it , for fear will destroy you.

Embrace it and it will enlighten you.

So listen, listen very carefully,

your heart speaks to you and you only.


This is just one of the many Rhymz that I will be posting. Hope ya'll like it.



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Like your rhymz. Will you post a few more for a fan?
over 12 years ago
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Wow Johnny... not bad, not bad... actually "Listen" really stood out to me, 'cos if you go back and see one of my earlier blog entries, I hit a pretty low point at one time... and I mention something about listening to your heart there.
over 12 years ago


Hi My name is Johnny, the "H" is silent.

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