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Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/sIc80LqsDe8/ hello

this is the trailer for the new movie i worked with

the resistance

coming soon

its the year 1937, the japanese army has control over Nanking and General Takeshi (Li Zhang) rules brutality over the chinese land, until one day a black dress killer arrive and resist and destroy the generals army, at the same time an American Journalist named Steven (Jeremy Williams) escape from the japanese prison and tries to return home to USA and explain the situation in asia, to his help he has a friend named Xiao Yun ( Hu Sang) who will help him escape and at the same time help the black dress killer and revenge her family, but who is the Black dress Killer???

enjoy the trailer ;)

ps: at 1:22 - TO THE WAR :D

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全名: Johan Karlberg 中文姓名或名稱: 李帅 出生日期: 19/03 1984, 瑞典 专业: 男演員 驻地: 北京 / 中国 最近的电视剧: 天行健 即将上映的电影 : 反抗者 (THE RESISTANCE)

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