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Marriage Cusine, South Korean - Chinese tv drama is now out on tv in China


you can watch Marriage Cusine now in Chinese television

here is The Link To youku

you can find My scenes in episode 2, episode 17, episode 19, episode 22, and episode 24

my best scenes are in episode 17 and episode 24

please enjoy

Johan Karlberg

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Für meine freunden im Deutschland ich habe eine weinacht überachung für Sie, im 5 december Sie können Last Kung Fu Monk in Bluray gekauft, und das ist im deutsche sprechen, und auch kommt last kung fu monk im DVD im 12 december, beide bluray und DVD ist im deutsche sprachen, Sie können Mich zu sehen im diese filme, ich Hoffen das freut ihren mit diese weinacht überachung, und wünschen ihren allés eine schönen weinacht seit

If you are in china you can now watch me on tv channels dong nan, Shang xi, san dong, and Guai zhuo, its the tv serie "Marriage Cuisine" at 8pm

You can see me in episode 2, episode 17, episode 19, episode 22, episode 24 and other episodes but i Will tell you more later as soon i get more information, enjoy.

You can also follow it at

Happy New Year 2013

hello evryonehappy new year!!!! hope you all survived the crazy 2012 as it was expected lol new photos is coming soonphoto album of my journey in Hong Kong and from my new movie The Cook Woman Is Too Crazy hope you all have a great 2013 bestJohan K!

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Helloi will be in Hong Kong in 8th august if any of you are there or will be there then you can message me your contact information and i will contact you when im in Hong Kong so we can meet to talk business or just meet in general take care and hope to see you all soon best regards Johan

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Hello Evryone! The Resistance will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012The Resistance screens May 17, 2012 at 11:30am at the Palais F theater.Plot:In 1937, Japan began their invasion of the Republic of China by murdering over 300,000 civilians and disarmed soldiers in the capital of Nanking (Nanjing). Tens of thousands of women and girls are raped by soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army in what is known as the Rape of Nanking. A treaty is reached between the Japan and China with the aid of the United States, but with the world at war, the genocideis unstoppable. An American reporter sent to report on the relations in China discovers the truth that the genocide continues and a Japanese plan of attack on US soil. When Japanese General Takeshi learns the reporter is about to blow both stories worldwide, the reporter's life is in the balances of justice.In Beijing, there are rumors of a masked man systematically killing Japanese soldiers, working his way to the top officers. The General orders more barbaric killings until this masked avenger is either killed or surrenders himself. Will the reporter be able to get out alive to tell the story of the ongoing genocide taking place and warn the United States military of a planned attack on his own soil? Who is the masked avenger and will he surrender to the General, or will he rally the people of Beijing to rise with him and spit in the face of tyranny?Trailer: more information please visit the movies webpage: www.theresistancefilm.comthank you all and hope for the best for The Resistance :) 

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全名: Johan Karlberg 中文姓名或名稱: 李帅 出生日期: 19/03 1984, 瑞典 专业: 男演員 驻地: 北京 / 中国 最近的电视剧: 天行健 即将上映的电影 : 反抗者 (THE RESISTANCE) 天下归心 QQ ...Read more

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