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to the Fullest...............today

Manytime we wrote, 'May someone live life to thier fullest'

or how i wish I could live my life to the fullest.

Many would think, it's bcos of the type of work, where we live, decide whether  such an

idealoligy is achevable.

I had tasted live life to the fullest today, this whole day since i woke up til this moment.

It's a phone call, XL Tim Horton Coffee , Raisin Bagel Toasted with light cream Cheese,

Vsiting Mama and a longtime female friend.

I had a 85% well good night sleep.......not all the way....but enough hours to recover my fatique.

Waking up, getting my usual hot hot shower, had thought of a good friend in HK 130 his time,

didnt care too much whetehr I would wakeup him, I made the call.

Had an hour of good talk, right timing right topics, right support and encouargment,

erased some doubts, confirming prayer power n simply knowing he's doing well.

Then....before heading to visit Mama( for those who dunno, find out who few blogs back),

I drove to the drive thru, not ordering some heavy breakfast....

just simple Bagel n Coffee, eat them right away in my car on my way to Mama.....

it was hmmm hmmm.......so gooooooooood and satifiying!!!

'Life is good, so yummy' loud and clear in my mind.

then I headed to see Mama........Guess what....

She's WELL and ALIVE!!!!!!!! 80% recovered.

I hold her hand , chatted for 45 minutes,

she remembered me, eventho that time she was in a COMA.

she would go back with his 2nd son to live in Szheng Zhun,

Before I leave, 'Mama may I pray for you ???'

I grabbed her hand firmly and dearly knowing deep down it's a miracle to witness such a

recovery. I asked my friend J and his 2nd son to join in.....

as I prayed out loud.....Mama would during the prayer said a few words quite clearly,

'Thank the Lord!'. throughout my whole prayer,like a song in duet instead of singing ,

we prayed...........

 From a totally non -believer to loud and clear.....calmly saying repeatedly....

'Thank the Lord!!'.  

then I realise, U dont have to teach someone to pray.......

Mama is my gift. She confirms my faith and your prayers.

Then I headed to meet a longtime female friend before she left for HK,

in a new quiet bubble tea place,

I talked about my day, my simple life here and she tells hers....



she works in HK now for almost 5 yrs.......

appearance defintely refreshigly good to look at,

other than that....she's the same!!!! the pure factor remians.

HK didnt change her like did many others.

Not a party, not some fancy job....

but one fine day composed of 4 simple separate events.

I'd tasted my day of Living FULLY. i m happy.

I wish you are too.



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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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