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short 1

Racing back to change my wet bottmed jean then rush back out to my favourite activitiy-movie.

933pm now showtime 1015 +15min commercials and trailers....

which means I have sometime to drop down some of my short thoughts....but still

can make it to my movie 2 today. Yes...watched Doubt-Meryl Streep will win oscar with this role,

Tonite...Nixon Frost.

It was one of those snowing melting night from -4C, the later in the night the higher the temp,

it will be 8C by 4am.....onlyt happen in Toorntoo, never in HK and anywhere I went.

This is why my pant were soaked with melted snow, and wet socks....

feeling I couldnt stand which I must change right away.....i wonder what kind of other feelings

I couldnt stand such as this 'soaked' feeling.

I watched Valkkyre(Tom Cruise) Yesterday....

somehow half way thru the movie.....i had this thought flashing thru my mind which i deeply

hope it would happen to my life.....

in the presence of life threathening situations.....

some situations if u take them....there would be high risk involved type....

I hope when those situations arises....

someone would understand me enough and look me in the eyes.....telling me:

' I know...it's ok' and kiss me.

Or when something bad already happened....she would do the same.

'I know....it's ok' and kiss me.

This is one of my deepest and most remote wishes. I just know .

But wishes may not come true...and manytimes wont be.....

still I m a happy man....why....i try to pciture God as that person.....

it's hard....but some rare moments... when in the car driving alone....

it happend 2, 3 times....I actually felt alone....but not alone. Wierd but real.

That gives me comfort....sureness somehow.....

but if possible...still hope that person show up....but dont get me wrong tho....

I know if it didnt happen....i m equally happy.

this is my short thought 1.

j   950pm    still can write one more short


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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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