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sometimes when we use such a word,

Maybe I could find someone better,

Maybe this unkind situation will not last,

Maybe for now i settle with him/her first..........Maybe when i find another i then..........

Maybe is an equation of 'dis-satisfactory' of present Plus not living fully of today.

Imagine just 'Maybe' what U r having now,

Health ,family, job,wealth, opportunities, he, she, Luck..........is what U got and that's it.

Day after day, assuming something different, something better would come your way

could a lot of times make us waste what we have on hand.

Just maybe he's already the best there is to you,

Maybe the place U r liviing, it myabe a little too boring for you, U may anticapting someone,

someplace better, some life better.........a lot better....a lot more exciting.........

U deserve more than this...........

Just maybe what U have now is exactly what U deserved no more no less........

and we dont even realised it...not particularily thankful nor grateful.........

I could be in the centre of HK most excitng showbiz,

then I losty health, some true friends(Maybe I could meet some new good friends),

the plainess and spaces of Toronto city, where I could wear the same ragged clothes

to same little coffee shop write my little blog............

I may lose the chance to meet the love of my life.........

just by imagining Maybe.

I rather choose to be content at whAT i GOT  in my present,

intetnionally thinking what I got now is the most I got without keep on comparing

lives I maybe having.

Tune myself not to think maybe...rather Live ONLY in present happily.

Just maybe if we dont have tomorrow, the next hour,

all those 'Maybes' will keep us from living the fullest,

from treasuring what we got NOW. People and things.

Maybe we should stop Maybeing.....

Maybethis is something U could try.



p.s. a few thought I'd met someone therefroe it contributes a Great day Plus a wonderful moment.......not quite....it's my little TV station finally lanuching publicly........with all those bro and si producers finally shown their trailers of what they got...everyone stood and applauded.It is what I see in them, what they possessed within finally shine thru, spending time with them, day after day night after night...making sure they dont quit....and most thrilled moment is something I envisioned a yr ago is now unfolding the way i imagined despite of all those time spent alone praying and believing,not debating aginast those who cant see......it's a confirmation FAITH is the base for the unseen, now a reality...this is Y i m happy.This is why I dont 'Maybe'.

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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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