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5cm of.....

Snow.....that's 5cm of freahly fallen the whole last night while I was sound asleep.

I peeked thru my drapes....my car was all covered with snow, which means,

I have to brush off all the snow b4 I can get going....that's like 10mins

and plus the cars will be slow. 

I have to be patient. Cos I m not a patient man.....but better now.

Sometimes it takes a natural phenonmenon to pace us ,

especially in early mornings now 646am....we usually rush rush rush....

forgetting even mornings are to be appreciated.

Sort of wanted to write something......but ending up wiritng about snow, patience,appreciation.

Well, I wish all my colleagues will arrive work safe....sincerely.

I's always took it for granted they all will....we all think so.

I hope my mom is safe...people i love........people I dont particularlly like or love........

they have to be safe too cos ....cos they may be the jewels of another individuals.....

this is why we all wish each other well in general.

Best wishes to you....Be safe.


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a journey of feeling content. Everyday i pray this little prayer sometimes with my eyes closed sometimes not..... let me be real let me be honest let m

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