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50% Off

IF there are frim believers of evolution, that human beings are slowly evolved to who we are today,

physically and mentally. I'd gathered some observation during Christmas Holidays, well actually

from any festivities thruout the yr where stores go on SALES.

U saw SALES sign everywhere, 50% off, Buy 1 get 1 free, some go as far as buy 1 get 2 free.

U r seeing Q's everywhere, especially on BOxing Day(in Toronto),

the day after Christmas is where people go lineup for super deals....super deals??

Some products are advertised as window crashers which means U cant get in online and U

literally have to line up 3am in the morning for that 16GB usb finger for $20, each store carries

no less than 10.....so U literally maybe crash those windows to get them.

NOt to mentioned 'COACH'.........................those ladies are in fighting modes,

as if this is the deal of a lifetime...the fight of a lifetime...a matter or life and death.

Then I discovered these little words....also appeared on those big SALES Signs.

'On Selected items ONly'.....'Buy 1st and get the 2nd one 50%'..'while supply last'

What about that after 10th customer and those after...and if that store did indeed only

carried just 10.

The signs told me,we hadnt learned,

still the same signs...different fonts maybe....different graphics maybe.....

But any store that put up hugh whether handwrite or not Big SALES sign....

people are drwan like Zombies after living people....

Where is our LOgics and reasons after all these years.....all that same and repeat traps,

we protrayed ourself as the smartest person, CEO, proposallors,

with detailed explaination how we are different and more sophisticated than others...

We hadnt changed.....as long as those shops use these words.....

we will no doubt be drawn into the store and put n surrounder our $.

50% always works...SALE SALE SALE one day only works...

Dont pay a cent til 2010 works.........

so a fair conclusion to ourselevs....we didnt evolve smarter....

o....those words have to be in RED to be effective as sure as it represents failure in marks.

I wonder why?

We can think of 10 thousands excuses to turn down charity, telemarketers,churches invites,

network marketing and insruances , at times the excuses are creatively brilliant,


when we see 50% OFFF........nobody invites us in.....most of the time we know we

wouldnt get what we need .....

and these signs can only once again are solid proof  these stores are actually making a

Hack of a profit during normal days....

cos no one will be running losing business. Otherwsie....

they'll be called 'C+C'

Charity and Churches

see U in the Sale


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