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A whole new unit "Big Star! What Are You Doing?" greatly presenting


Apart from seeing big stars on TV and hearing them on the video, do you want to know what these celebrities do?

Now on HIT FM, to pull you closer to your favorite celebrity and to let you understand more about their lives, on Monday to Thursday from time to time we will launch "Big Star! What Are You Doing?" to help you follow along with what your favorite celebrity is doing.

On Friday, we have invited a celebrity to call out to you on screen,and have fun with you for one hour, please get your cellphones ready, we might call you anytime!Do you want big star, JJ Lin on November 14th (Friday) to call youduring Love DJ (11:00pm- 12:00am) and talk to you on Friday night?Quickly take out your phone and dial 66697, press 3 to participate in"Big Star! What Are You Doing?", and press 1 to apply to our event. Those successfully admitted will have a chance of getting a surprise phone call from big star JJ Lin, and will also receive a unique private autograph of JJ Lin taken by Love DJ, get hold of your chance and apply now! (Reminder, successful applicants will need to pay 5 dollars!) | 全新單元『大明星!你在做什麼﹖』酷炫登場


想知道平常除了可以在電視上看到 大明星,在電台聽到大明星之外, 大明星們都在做些什麼呢?

HIT FM現在為了讓你更貼近你喜愛 的藝人,讓你更了解他們的生活, 周一到周四將會不定期推出『大明 星!你在做什麼﹖』,為你追蹤你最 喜愛的大明星正在做什麼!

周五更邀請大明星到現場Call Out給 你,與你同樂一小時,請準備好你 的手機,我們隨時有可能打電話給 你喔! 想要大明星林俊傑11/14(五)在 Love DJ(11:00PM-12:00AM)的時段打電話給你,在Friday Night跟你聊聊天嗎?現在就快拿出手機撥打66697,選3參加『大明星!你在做什麼﹖』,並按1報名參加活動,報名成功者,就有機會接到大明星林俊傑的驚喜電話,再加送由LOVE DJ掌鏡林俊傑獨一無二的私房照,就趁現在趕快報名吧!(提醒你,報名成功需要5塊錢喔!) | 全新单元『大明星!你在做什么﹖』酷炫登场


想知道平常除了可以在电视上看到 大明星,在电台看到大明星之外, 大明星们都在做些什么呢?

HIT FM现在为了让你更贴近你喜爱 的艺人,让你更了解他们的生活, 周一到周四将会不定期推出『大明 星!你在做什么﹖』,为你追踪你最 喜爱的大明星正在做什么!

周五更邀请大明星到现场Call Out给 你,与你同乐一小时,请准备好你 的手机,我们随时有可能打电话给 你喔! 想要大明星林俊杰11/14(五)在 Love DJ(11:00PM-12:00AM)的时段打电话给你,在Friday Night跟你聊聊天吗?现在就快拿出手机拨打66697,选3参加『大明星!你在做什么﹖』,并按1报名参加活动,报名成功者,就有机会接到大明星林俊杰的惊喜电话,再加送由LOVE DJ掌镜林俊杰独一无二的私房照,就趁现在赶快报名吧!(提醒你,报名成功需要5块钱喔!)

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