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相信各位最近只要有打開電視機,都能看到JJ最新代言的手遊: Clash of Clans 廣告~ 而且小版工最近都邊玩COC邊聽全面開戰,覺得這樣玩起來特別熱血~... http://t.co/EZ5vhjhBDB

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Still moving under gunfire, where the weak lie, when no ones beside, I will fight till I die, till the Morning Light, and Sunlight will shine on me.

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生活中的小細節最美。Life is beautiful in the little details.

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我跟蹤你了,不要後悔! http://t.co/7ei7OgjbNw

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舞台上最珍貴的,就是友人和你一起分享表演的激情!Best thing about the stage, is when you have someone great to share it with.

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當音樂停止,燈光暗了之後,烙印在我心裡的將會是你們的聲音和笑容!下次見! After the music fades, and the lights dim, what I'll remember are your voices and smiles.

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There will always be the introvert in me, but when I'm onstage, it all disappears, because music is the ultimate... http://t.co/cmu6Z1hzJT

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今晚的遊樂園。my playground tonight.

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