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According to the Chinese zodiac, every twelve years from the year you were born is “your” year. Ironically, that isn’t necessarily a good thing because that means you need to beware of certain elements/people trying to block your shine or stop you from living your best life. Personally, I don’t feed too much into the superstition cause at 12 is when I first fell in love with Hiphop which would become a staple element in my life. At 24 is when I was at the bottom of the pits career wise, HOWEVER that’s also the time @iamcarolcay came into my life and was basically the only source of light during a dark time for me. Boom. Here we are now, at 36, never been more focused, driven, humbled and most of all GRATEFUL for where God has taken me. May He continue to lead the way and receive all the glory. ?❤️

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