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  • One Foundation - Launch of the CMB One Foundation Affinity Credit Card
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    Monday, Dec 15, 2008 8:00PM / Press Release / The One Foundation / Members only

    Caring Creates a New Style of Charity, China Merchant Bank Joins the One Foundation Family  
    -- The China Merchant Bank and One Foundation Affinity Credit Card is Officially Announced in Shanghai.

    [December 9, 2008] Soon after Jet Li’s One Foundation was honored with the “China Charity” award, presented by the Chinese Civil Administration department at the Red Cross Society of China, Jet Li’s One Foundation and China Merchant Bank jointly held a press release conference in Shanghai to announce the launch of the CMB One Foundation affinity credit card. At the press release the CMB One Foundation affinity card, also known as the One Foundation caring card, was officially launched into the market and simultaneously, applications for the credit card was being accepted from everyone. The cooperation of the One Foundation and China Merchant Bank is a positive response to a notion made by General Secretary Hu Jintao when he met with the representatives of those who received awards at the China Charity Event on December the 5th, suggesting an “Honorary Charity Culture, creating new ways to raise funds”. Present at the press conference was the Director General of CMB’s credit card center, Mr. Guo Guang; founder and initiator of the One Foundation, Mr. Jet Li Lianjie; Executive Chairman, Zhou Weiyan; and the first business to affiliate with the One Foundation caring card, South Beauty Group Executive Director Wang Xiaofei. Also, representing the One Foundation Philanthropy Grant, Beijing Stars and Rain Educational Research Center for Autistic Children, and a representative from the Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Project Ngawa and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture Women’s Support Center, were especially invited to witness the launch of this caring card. 

    Founder of the One Foundation, Mr. Jet Li, expressed at the press conference, “The CMB One Foundation caring card will give even more people the opportunity to offer their love and compassion and participate in a new passageway to philanthropy. The actions from a crowd of people possess extraordinary meaning; it is through everybody’s hard work and effort, and the power of love that will enable this to spread and continue.” He shared his philanthropic intentions for the One Foundation caring card with the media and members of the CMB marketing team at the venue -- it’s about achieving a promise for the future, an important way of showing that you care for your family. Through using this card, everyone can easily accomplish the ‘1-person 1-month donate 1-dollar’ concept, and achieving the dream of being 1 big family. As the first business affiliated with the caring card, South Beauty Group Executive Director Wang Xiaofei expressed that South Beauty Group regards the social responsibility of an organization as very important and have always been very supportive with One Foundation’s philanthropic affairs. They were extremely happy to be part of this new form of compassion with the One Foundation caring card. 
    Senior executives from CMB announced at the press conference that after financially funding a range of events, such as the Wenchuan earthquake disaster emergency relief fund and cooperating with the China Youth and Development Foundation in holding charity sports projects, they have selected the One Foundation to undergo a cooperation of philanthropy that will be based on the original idea from the One Foundation and the “1+1+1=1” concept that is encouraged by the One Foundation. The One Foundation endures with the core values of “public trust, professionalism, sustainability, and implementation”; using financial aid to help support the target, starting from just one single project or expanding from a prejudice group of people and establishing a complete and equal platform for humanity; and taking on the responsibility of promoting philanthropy in China. Donations given to the One Foundation will have the choice and the aim to be used towards a charitable organization that is meaningful and significant. Furthermore, donors can monitor how the funds are being used and also ensure that it is used appropriately.

    CMB hopes to normalize their charity operations and aims to achieve this by participating and supporting philanthropy in a professional and effective way; bringing together two organizations with the same aim. Director General of CMB’s credit card center Mr. Guo Guang expressed, “Our online credit card promotional website has already done all the preparations required for when this credit card is launched into the market. The marketing team around the country will focus on promoting this unique card and at the same time, we believe that these caring card holders and cooperating businesses will positively support and participate together, pushing philanthropy and charity events into new levels for 2009.” The event was especially broadcast live to CMB’s marketing team members around the country, sharing the idea behind the One Foundation caring card. 

    The One Foundation caring card is the first card in China’s financial area to use a “caring limit”, where the credit limit is set based on card holder’s donations. The card unites CMB, every card holder and every caring business representing unlimited “1”s, bringing everyone together as 1-family. This credit card offers many different ways to make caring donations; for example, CMB has pledges to donate 1 dollar for every successful credit card application; the card holder promises to make a donation of 1 dollar, 11 dollars, 111 dollars, or any specified amount each month; caring businesses cooperating with this program and CMB will each donate 1-specified amount each time the card holder uses the card to make a purchase. At the same time, to help the card holder better understand the message of philanthropy, where their donations are being used and have even more opportunities to participate with charity events, not only will CMB and One Foundation endeavor to keep in contact with the card holder through different channels of communication, they will also set dates at regular intervals and invite card holders to participate the “1 Day Volunteer Experience” plus many other philanthropic activities such as charity auctions. 

    CMB credit card center estimates that in 2009, the One Foundation caring card is likely to accumulate over 10 million dollars in donations. All the funds raised will be used towards the five main areas that the One Foundation follows closely with interest, “environmental protection, education, health, aiding poverty, and disaster relief”. At the same time, the funds will be carefully audited and will also receive strict supervision by the public. 
    After releasing the first international standard credit card in China in 2002, CMB has taken the “changing because of you” management approach and have always persisted in providing a world class credit card, releasing a range of cards such as the business card, platinum card, the Olympics “peace” card plus many other unique products which have received positive feedback from the market. For five consecutive years, CMB credit card has been named “the most popular credit card” by the Hurun financial survey. And since the start of 2007, CMB began cooperating with many charity organizations in developing positive and effective philanthropy events. While marketing the CMB credit card brand, they achieved the highest rate of credit card approval in the industry and firmly established the status of China’s leading credit card provider on the market with their 5 star credit rating.

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    wow hi how are you doing

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    do very very well
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    support you !
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    A large atitute could only come from a great man!
    I know you is not nowhere near, for this blog but still, you know it is (to me) a symbol of China, I see this country without você.Aqui I remember is my e-mail: ligia_salmos121 @ hotmail.com (you wanted, could read this comment) and knowing that like your work and support its foundation, we converssaria by e-mail, and talk about your family, you feel beautiful in it, China! tchau.um big hug, ok!
  • lininha
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    HELLO my favorite artist of martial arts! I found your wonderful initiative to create this foundation, and do their part as citizens, ok! If some of the world's most famous stars of film, take such an attitude, certainly that would be planet melhor.Passo you wish for a BIG hug and congratulations on your project ... Learn to love your beautiful smile ... this sentence you do not read these comments, yet I am happy for you, ok! but the Brazilians here and enjoy your very filmes.tchau! and remains so.
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    i love your beatiful smile
    i love your movie very much
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    Hello - I know this may be far fetched; however I would like to make a request.  My son will be 11 in September.  He is a 1st dan in tae kwando and will be testing next spring for his 2nd.  For his birthday - this September would it be possible for you to attend for 1-2 hours to speak with & perhaps even check his technique etc. and his friends - they are all students at the same school.  ( I am trying to keep this as a surprise) I believe this would be a wonderful birthday present and a nice vacation for you and your family in central florida.  Please contact me [email protected] to let me know if this is possible or not.
    Karen Black
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    i love jetli and his graet foundation
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    I think Jet Li is an interesting person and must be a marvelous actor even though I have not seen his films...I judge according to  his artistic career...
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