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Washington and Oregon, USA

I am currently in the USA now filming, Fun USA - Washington and Oregon. We are emphasizing on the nature and also the wines that come from here!!! so much wine drinking :)

It's so beautiful here and I am having a great time. Highlights from the trip so far:

  1. singing karaoke LIVE on stage in front of everybody (I need to learn how to sing!)

  2. falling really really hard off of a mountain bike on the trails and getting really bloody knees and elbows.

  3. catching a 17 inch trout from fly fishing in the river!

  4. picking grapes and making wine (a Pinot Noir rose)

  5. going to an outlet mall and going on a shopping spree (I bought so many Coach bags!!! - all presents for everybody else though. i got myself a little wallet.)

  6. nearly driving our rental van into a river when we were following the GPS and didn't quite register when it said to board a ferry (which hadn't arrived yet)

  7. hung out with my dad while he taught us about the area (he used to live here)

  8. ate way too many VooDoo doughnuts.

  9. discovered my love for Greek yogurt

  10. was recognized in a restaurant in Seattle by a lady who loves the show!!

we've just arrived for the second part of filming and it's rainy :( i hope it clears up soon.

talk to y'all soon



p.s. thanks for everybody's suggestions and help for the dress!! i'm a bit worried about what i'm going to wear since i'm not going to be in taiwan until right before the ceremony and I won't have much time to try on any dresses!

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wow that sounds cool. so is this one being filmed in Chinese?
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