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Discovery TLC《瘋台灣》入圍99金鐘行腳節目獎、《Janet【謝怡芬】/瘋台灣入圍99金鐘行腳節目主持人獎!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the third year in a row that I've been nominated for best tv show host at the Golden Bell Awards!!

I'm very excited this year because Fun Taiwan was ALSO nominated!!! :):)

It's just so great to be recognized like this and of course I'm nervous about winning, but also nervous about what i'm going to wear, who I'm going to walk with down the red carpet, what would I say if i won, If i'm going to trip, etc. etc. :)

I may not even be here during the ceremony since we may be filming in India!!!! :(:(

We'll see. I"ll keep you updated!

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be careful in india, I'm sure you heard about the TVBS camera men who were in India.
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