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Thread of White Hair

Here's my first irreverent post. 

I was admiring how tremendously sexy my hair looks in the mirror the other day, and as I was doing so, something caught my eye.  In the sunlight, a gleaming line of white contrasted with a sea of black hair.  Not fully believing what it was, I soon managed to isolate this foreign strand and plucked it.  Sure enough, it was a single thread of pure white hair.

This was kind of surprising, alarming, amusing, and depressing at the same time.  I'm heading into my 30's but I'm not even there yet.  And somehow this white mutant geriatric strand managed to ambush my lusciously youthful black hair.  I don't dye my hair or go for highlights or any of that stuff.  I like my Chinese hair pure Asian black as it is for now.  Maybe if I was in my 40's I'd start to cover it up or accept some aging strands but at this point it's intolerable.  Till then, I hope I've seen the last of that plague.

I used some ghetto photography to take pictures of that hair; I just put a magnifying glass over the lens and took pictures!  I thought this was pretty interesting so I went outside and took some more.

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i'm familiar with it thank you :)
over 15 years ago
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>put a magnifying glass over the lens and took pictures ↑What a nice idea!!
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