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So I Guess I'm Allergic to Kiwi...

(this entry if full of gross reactions so don't read it if you're sensitive to that sort of stuff)

 About a year ago, I discovered something quite dastardly about kiwi fruit quite by accident.  A few hours after eating this furry fruit, I experienced hours of stomach pains followed by  several trips of unadulterated liquid diarrhea.  It just made me feel sick for a while.  This event was very puzzling when it first occurred as I've eaten the fruit before and nothing like this has ever happened.  I suspected it was the kiwi but my mom was kind of skeptical. 

So some days or months later, my mom decided to serve me the fruit again, not wanting to have me lose out on it's nutritional value of Vitamin C.  I was curious to see if it would happen too, so I went ahead and ate it.  The same thing happened.  Stomach pains, itchy skin, diarrhea all night.  Horrible experience.  By now, I was guessing it was a food allergy. 

My mom must've still been skeptical as some days or months later she wanted me to try it again.  I must've been really stupid as I was thinking: "yeah, I want to see if it happens again too!"  So I go and eat it.  Hours of stomach pains, diarrhea, itchy skin. 

And just yesterday, my mom bought some golden kiwi and wanted me to eat it.  I was like "It's kiwi.  You know what happens when I eat it."  And my mom's like "oh that was just regular kiwi, but this is different, it's GOLDENkiwi."  I must be even dumber because I went ahead and ate it.  To finally prove to my mom and myself I'm allergic.  AND to golden kiwi too.  Since it happened so recently, I can describe this experience more vividly.  Immediately after I ate it, I as sweating.  A few minutes later, I could already feel lumps in my throat and chest area.  I was definitely feeling uncomfortable.  Sometime later I already forget which came first the itchiness or the stomach pains, but this time in particular, the itchy skin was pretty bad.  I had redness and hive welts all over my body.  My fingers were even slightly swollen.  It was like wearing a wool sweater over your bare skin, only worse.  And it didn't let up until I diarrheaed... two or three times.  But what made this one special in particular was I ended up throwing up golden kiwi.  It feels better after the vomits and diarrhea.  And in the morning, all the itchiness was gone and I was feeling 99%.  I don't get sick very often and if I could come away with something from this experience it's being reminded how horrible it feels to be sick or in that state.  There was nothing I could really do to get myself back into a comfortable state, except vomit and diarrhea.  I just had to wait for the symptoms to go away, which didn't happen til the next morning.   It's a bad place to be and I don't know how real sick people could deal with it day after day. 

I've mentioned one of my kiwi reactions to my doctor before, asking him about why I'm getting this reaction now and wanting an allergy test, but he sideswiped my inquiries and just said "don't eat kiwi".

So, after experiencing this several times, without any medical tests to support it, I think I can say, I guess I'm allergic to kiwi.  I also think my mom's finally convinced there's a correlation...  after all, she did recently suggest I eat smaller portions of it to build up my "immunity" to it...  Maybe she's just trying to get back at me for stressing her out for all these years.

Reminder to self: the taste of barf = warm, acidic.  Goes through the nostrils too!

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Djuniss 52 djuniss
i like the cartoon
over 15 years ago
are u sure your mum is not friends with my mum?she tries to poison me in exactly the same way with the same reasoning.
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