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Asians, the Generally Smarter Race

Here's an interesting article I read in the LA Times:

Why do Asian students generally get higher marks than Latinos? http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-lincoln16-2008jul16,0,3712530.story In summary, the article examines the students of Lincoln High School who come from various parts of Boyle Heights, El Sereno and Chinatown.  Both the neighborhood and student body are about 15% Asian. And yet Asians make up 50% of students taking Advanced Placement classes. Lincoln Heights is mostly a working-class Mexican American area, but many are ethnic Chinese who fled Vietnam. 

The difference isn't in class economics, 84% of the Asian and Latino families in the neighborhoods around Lincoln High have median annual household incomes below $50,000.  The difference is most Asian families value and stress the importance of education while more Mexicans value and stress getting paid work sooner than later. 

I know the situation.  College was expected in my family.  I wasn't a straight A student, but I would've gotten worse if I didn't work it.  Then again, my district was tougher.  In the end, I earned a respectable academic performance.

This is why I believe whenever a school, political candidate, or the government insists on pouring more money into schools to theoretically make students better, that theory is a bunch of crock.  It's mainly the student's responsibility to value their own education, study harder, and get good grades.  The parents are also to blame for not regulating.  Hard study ethic is all that's needed.  Sure, better teachers help but they can only do so much.  Buying new textbooks or shiny computers or paying teachers higher salaries is not going to make students smarter.

All those other supposedly "dumber" minorities need to quit whining and get over their cultural laziness and study.  Once they do that, they too, can break through the invisible racial barrier and do the impossible like Carlos Garcia, the Mexican president of Lincoln High's Asian club, did.

Carlos Garcia, second from right, is the ethnically confused President of Lincoln High's supposedly Asian club.

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Quite honestly, choosing to focus today's kid's studies between Math/Science and Arts/Design, I'd rather have Asian Americans be better in brainy subjects like Math/Science/English. Despite being an artist myself, I DO believe Asian Americans are much better off shooting for careers as doctors, lawyers, engineers, businessmen, architects, technology specialists, etc... instead of athletes or entertainers. I only say that because I know how tough and unstable the arts route is. The gamble odds are greater and many would end up penniless. As a whole, Asians I think are better off succeeding in these more stable fields. Eastern culture does has it's great entertainment/art/design people. Japan especially seems to excel in it. China, HK, South Korea aren't as influential but they're hardly invisible. HK cinema was influential to Hollywood. But the most important thing to stress is hard work ethic in whatever field kids choose (or get pushed into). A college education or just valuing smarter thinking is very important.
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Parent involvement with their children's academic studies has other consequences for schools, as well. These parents, when there is a poorly qualified or lazy teacher, usually take action to have that teacher improve in the classroom, or be moved to another school. Good teachers do matter. Think of the horror stories of English teachers who were practically illiterate. Why would we expect their students, especially if English was not their first language, to excel with such a teacher? Parents who value education also value good teachers.
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