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For the last year and a half I've been in LA. I've had the great fortune to study and work with some of the best, most focused and motivated people in the industry. I've learned an enormous amount, not only about my craft, but also about myself. It also probably helps that I've been lucky enough to have had a constant stream of projects to work on throughout the year; whether it was setting up my theatre company (offshore LA), directing plays, writing or working on the films I shot last year. Updates including photos will be coming, so wait patiently and you will be rewarded. P.S.I'm back in HK in early January.you need an actor? I need a job. let's make it happen![](/attachments/2010/01/18/13/147712_2010011813095848.thumb.jpg)

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Hey Jai! Im back in Cali where the sun never ends! Yahoo! I just signed onto this site and getting started. Such as getting my bloody picture attached! All my pics are on my other laptop back in HK. Oh well! Hope the movie in LA is going well! Im heading back to HK this weekend. Meanwhile staying at mums house in San Fran for some home cooking meal! BTW saw the bloody pic of you! What film were in you? Pretty scary!! Cheers Abraham
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