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Celebrity Acting Coach Margie Haber is coming to Hong Kong!

One of my favourite acting coaches Margie Haber is coming to HK for the first time and will be giving a one time seminar on January 17th.

Her classes in LA are virtually impossible to get into so this is really a great opportunity to work with someone who has coached the likes of Brad Pitt and Halle Berry.

For more info on her approach, check out: www.MargieHaber.com

Location is TBC, if you're interested please...Read more

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Loved #MissionImpossibleFallout !!!but is it just me or is Ving Rhames slowly evolving into @Oprah?

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RT @GenCommanderTV: Presenting our Ep. 1 trailer. Created by Philippe Martinez, OTS by @DaRealMICA @JayRSillona. Starring @sseagalofficial…

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If you’re wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been working on... This is it! ‘General… https://t.co/s8cYUj478L

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I'M DOING IMPROV SO ARE Lauren Berning, Covin Cheng, Ben Margalith, Glen Lloyd AND Stephen Smeed GET TICKETS

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Of course the #PSVR demo in Fukuoka is #godzilla

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Oh dear, game over for Jaimondo's halcyon bday drinks. I love you all xxxx have fun!

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My Protein is 50% off today!

Gogogo! 💪🏾🤓💪🏾

Discount code: Clue

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Messing around in the kitchen 7 years ago haha Carole Day was ridiculous

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Lady Bloodfight in theatres now ✌🏼🤓✌🏼

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