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SEPT 1st, 2009 OFFICIAL RELEASE OF JAESON MA SINGLE "LOVE" LOVE Single YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73kZ6wBoqTk

iTunes: http://www.itunes/jaesonma Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/kj3prt

With a sincere and heart-felt passion for music, artist Jaeson Ma is a destined messenger full of thought-provoking lyrics and undeniable charisma. Jaeson's initial interest in hip-hop began at the young age of 13, when he became active as a rapper in the West Coast underground hip-hop circuit.

At the age of 16, Jaeson experienced a radical encounter with God, which directed his path towards building a "Hip Hop Church” the next year. With his spiritual maturation and undeniable talent with music, Jaeson began working in the Bay Area as MC Hammer's right hand man in media, film, and music production. After gaining a few years of experience with one of Hip Hop's legends, Jaeson felt a clear call to surrender his dreams in the entertainment industry to follow a path towards becoming a pastor.

Jaeson pursued his mission with genuine fervor; he started by building churches on University campuses. Presently he has planted over 200 churches worldwide. Jaeson ventured past the comforts of the U.S. and began traveling to every corner of the world, preaching to and inspiring thousands with a message of hope and passion for Jesus.

After building a strong foundation for his ministry, Jaeson again received a calling from God in his dreams. This time he was summoned to reach out to the entertainment industry as a messenger of the gospel. With his great oratory skills and keen sense of connection to people, the recording booth would become his new pulpit and his music would serve as a new vehicle for preaching the truth.

Jaeson's music is inspired by an eclectic variety of inspirations, but no genre can particularly define the sound and message of his music. His music is a mixture of spoken word, preaching on beats, and prophetic utterances over a melodic tune. Most of his lyrics are inspired through his spirituality and nothing in today’s popular music can compare to its power.

As an artist, Jaeson Ma's passion has always been to craft music inspired from the heart. He grew up in the Bay Area, CA, listening to all genres of music, specifically hip-hop, rock and gospel. His musical influences range anywhere from Run DMC to Will Smith, MC Hammer, 2Pac, Nas, Notorious B.I.G., Wu Tang Clan, Hieroglyphics, Living Legends, Pharcyde, U2, Nirvana, Lifehouse, Switchfoot, Coldplay, Delirious, Jason Upton, P.O.D. and KRS-One.

Jaeson currently resides in Hollywood, CA, where he pursues his passions: knowing God and living life everyday with divine joy. His mission in life is "to know love and make love known." His journey is just beginning, and his hope is that his music will bring heaven closer to Earth, that his words will help awaken ears to truth and love. As he likes to quote, "If you don't have a passion worthy dying for, you have nothing worth living for."

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Languages Spoken english, cantonese, mandarin
Location Los Angeles, United States
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Languages Spoken
english, cantonese, mandarin
Location (City, Country)
Los Angeles, United States
Member Since
March 27, 2008