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my lucky week of concerts :)

I feel like a lucky girl... In one week, I got to attend two big concerts... and best of all, both for free!

On Sunday, I got to see the Jacky Cheung concert again for the second time. It was the same tour as the concert I attended back in August, which I had blogged about here. This time it was held in a large outdoor venue, and our seats were a little better. The only thing was that it was outdoors on one of the few icy-cold evenings in HK, so our little group Raffi, Stephen, Boon, Kit, Phat, Tung Tung and I were sitting out there freezing our butts off for 3 hours... but it was worth it, at least for me... His voice was amazing, and I loved listening to all his old classics from the 80's & 90's. Thanks to Raffi, who had an extra free ticket and invited me. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Jacky live, again, for free!

Then last night, I got to attend the My Chemical Romance concert cuz I won a contest. (Thanks, Beats Mag!) I was pretty happy cuz I NEVER win anything, much less anything this cool! I met up with Stephen, Patrick, Duc and some other folks who also planned on going, and we got to be in the same standing section in the front. I'm pretty new to their music, but I really enjoyed the concert and actually knew about 4 songs.

Here's the MV for my favorite MCR song, "I Don't Love You" (which sounded great live): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duTBl5JH7pg

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Jacky's so good~ I was seriously going to buy another ticket to go to the next concert, but they didn't have tickets... =(
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Sweet! Sounds like a good time. I guess I cannot complain since I've been seeing a lot of cool live shows here in small venues. Sure, they may not have the following of MCR, but a show's a show!
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