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One Giant Leap and Parkour Introductory Workshop



--------------*** 於2009年9月26日,香港飛躍道協會響應英國Parkour組織Parkour Generations 和 環保組織Sandbag的號召,參加全球首次同步性的Parkour活動"One Giant Leap Global Climate Jam" 而同日,香港飛躍道協會亦舉行了第5次的Parkour認知工作坊。**由於人類的氣體排放每年上升,令氣候變化。** 十二月聯合國將於哥本哈根舉行的候峰會可能是避免未免地球氣候災害的最後機會。****我們希望憑藉Parkour活動向世界的領袖們發聲。"One Giant Leap Global Climate Jam"的目的有3個:**** * .跳出框框,達成協議!

.2020年前 全球能源排放下降最少一成

.發展環保能源!* ******我們要求領袖們:跳出框框,達成協議!落實全球能源排放下降!發展環保能源!如此能控制全球四份之一的全球碳排放.*****  ***同日我們進行了一個Parkoru認知工作坊,籍以推動香港Parkour事業,讓Parkour開展出去。以下是當天的本會的一些照片:* http://www.fotop.net/Govad/IW05 ***而如果想了解更多"One Giant Leap Global Climate Jam" 的,請到以下網站:Parkour Generations: http://www.parkourgenerations.com**Sangbag :*

http://www.sandbag.org.uk/onegiantleap******* *--------------

--------------*****September 26, 2009is the day when the HKPA responded to the call of Parkour Generations in theUKand environmentalist group Sandbag. The HKPA organized theHong Kongbranch to the global parkour jam named“One Giant Leap Global Climate Jam”, and it was also the 5 th introductory workshop hosted by the HKPA.**As greenhouse gas emissions rise, climate change became an imminent threat.TheUN meeting taking place inCopenhagenin December would probably be the last chance to prevent future climate disasters.*****  ***We hope to voice out to our leaders with Parkour:‧ Jump start the climate deal with a power sector carbon budget‧ Drop global power sector emissions at least 10% by 2020‧ Roll out clean, green electricity across the world** We held a parkour introductory workshop that day to promote the discipline of parkour inHong Kong.Here are some of the pictures by the HKPA:http://www.fotop.net/Govad/IW05*****  ***If you want to know more about the"One Giant Leap Global Climate Jam", please visit:Parkour Generations:http://www.parkourgenerations.com**Sangbag:http://www.sandbag.org.uk/onegiantleap*

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