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About Hong Kong Parkour

HKPA (Hong Kong Parkour Association), establish at 2006. There are 7 hardcore members, Kin, Tai, Steven, Cako, Eko, Adrian and Govad. HKPA is a registered association in the government, our purpose is popularize the sport of Parkour.

What is Parkour? May be you have never heard of Parkour before, or you've only seen parkour in the movies, such as "Yamakisa" "007" "Madonna Live", may be you think that is a new age street sport but we treat it as a philosophy, a life style. In the parkour wrold, every Traceur (Parkour player) has his own philosophybut there are somethings that would never change, things likes "to share", "happy together", "make friends", "quiet", "support".

We in HKPA work hard to embody the philosophy in our life. Simply put it, Parkour is a mixture with sport and philosophy, it make you free and through it you learn how to be a good person. The most important things in Parkour is "to know what your capabilities are", you need to face yourself, explore your weakness and strength and perfom to your best. Parkour let you "explore oneself", let you know more about youesel and let you find your own way, your style. Some Traceur likes to do big drop, some like combo, some like doing the "flow". You need to explore your strength, what's your interest, know who you are.

For us, Parkour is a way to explore yourself, create your thinking and style, teach you to differentiate what’s right, thus to tell you how to be a good guy.

飛躍道, 成立於2006年, 由中心的7個會員 健, 泰, 濤, 華, EKO, Adrian和鋒為骨幹, 我們是一個政府註冊的Parkour團體, 宗旨是把Parkour推廣開去。

甚麼是Parkour? 或許你不認識Parkour, 又或者在電影中看過它, 如"因咩差事跳跳跳", "007", "麥當娜演唱會"等, 你可能會覺得是一個很特別的新興街頭運動, 而我們則把它看作一個思想, 一個生活態度。在Parkour世界, parkour有著自己的思想, 可能每個Parkour的玩者在思想上的領悟都有所不同, 不過, 有些是不能改變的, 比如"分享", "獨樂不如眾樂", "友好", "安靜", "支持"等等, 我們視Parkour為一個生活態度, 努力將Parkour的思想體現在生活中, 簡單來說, Parkour是一個運動和思想的混合物, 它在帶給你運動的快樂同時, 都教你如何去做一個好人。 Parkour 的首要是"量力而為", 你要面對自己, 找出自己的強項, 弱點, 面對, 這樣才能知道自己的程度, 從而做相對的東西, 這樣, 就是Parkour的目的-"了解自己", Prkour的目的就是要你了解自己, 之後, 再去找尋自己的道路, 活出自己的風格, 有人喜歡落差大的跳躍, 有人喜歡做連續的動作, 有人喜歡做流暢的"flow", 你要找出自己的所長, 興趣所在, 找出你自己, 你喜歡的, 你的風格, 你自己的思考, 從而去建立一套你自己的Parkour,所以, 我們說Parkour是一個自己風格的運動。 對我們來說, Parkour是一個方法去讓你了解自己, 建立自己的思想和風格, 教你分辨好壞, 從而去教你做一個好人。

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