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SPAIN: Mushroom hunting in the Sierra del Gredo

by Bruce

It’s Monday night (or early Tuesday morning). The rain stopped some hours ago. Our host, Miguel, is up late editing video and sending me funny YouTube links as I write this blog. Harry and I couldn’t have asked for a smoother transition back into travel life.

If you recall, we hobos last left off in Madrid during my 24-hr birthday binge before flying back home to San Francisco. Two months later, we’re back in Madrid, but our ga...Read more

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Status update #1

OH just got done feasting on a mushroom themed lunch @Posada de esquiladores in San Estevam del valle 2hour outside of Madrid Spain

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Current Location

The hobos are currently in Madrid, Spain.

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Vegan Croatia Feast

When OH went to Croatia, we had the honor and luck to stay with a lovely, local couple in Split, Katarina and Igor. Unlike most Croatians, these two were amazing vegan foodies. Naturally, OH felt the need to rise up to the challenge and make their very first vegan meal for their hospitable hosts.

Three of the four vegan dishes were prepared by the Hobos. Some of the produce used, like the peppers and onions, were purchased at a small fruit and produce stand just across the street from their house. OH prepared the following dishes:...Read more

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OH Made #1: Carnitas – Byron Bay, Australia

By Harry

Back in New Zealand the OH crew was invited to a pot luck dinner party with our hosts.  Being bold and missing Mexican food, I decided to make Carnitas.  Our Kiwi friends loved it.  So, I had to redo another Carnitas night in Byron Bay Australia.  I’d perfected this dish along the way, and each time it was a little different.  This time, I was aiming to make everyone sit in a food coma.

Bruce and I had a bad batch of tortillas the last time we cooked tacos from scratch.  So, this time we de...Read more

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Buda Bike-OH Move in Budapest

By Harry:

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Biking through a city is one of my favorite ways of exploring. Sure, London Core was a serious workout, but the boys from OH wanted to encorporate something a bit more low key, that anyone can do. Budapest Bike is a little bike tour OH did a few weeks back.  By contrast,  London core was a serious workout.  We don’t have to show off when we work out.  But, sometimes it’s fun. I wanted to t...Read more

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London Core Team

Keeping a normal workout routine while traveling is proving to be very difficult.  OH is often outside climbing, hiking, riding a bike or doing something active.  But, being active and doing a workout aren’t the same.  I wanted to create a fun program that wasn’t devised on time, but would make me feel like I’ve had and anaerobic workout.  A workout that incorporated exercise and site seeing.

So, when Tacfit instructor Read more

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Surf the Phalt: Kate Red Moves with us in Byron Bay

by Harry.

This week we want to put the spotlight Kate Red, longboard skater in Byron Bay.  Our friend Nico, the owner of Bayleaf Cafe, told us about Kate’s “awesome longboard style.”  Kate works at Bayleaf as a barista.  When she isn’t pulling espresso shots she can be found riding around town inspiring other young riders.  After watching Kate for 15 minutes, I knew she was going to be an ideal candidate for an OH video.

I asked Kate “Why do you skate?” She told me “For meditation, and becau...Read more

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NZ Fast Forward

By Harry

It’s that time again, to say goodbye.  New Zealand, it’s been a pleasure, but like all things we need to move on.  Saying goodbye to NZ is more than a farewell to a place.  We are also saying goodbye to the chronological order of OH.  Changes are coming, for the better.  We are now going to super charge OH.  I’m looking forward to it, and so should you.  Until next time.  Here’s one of my favorite forms of cinematography, time-lapse, created with my iPhone via  Read more

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Chief Harry

By Harry

“Who wants to be chief?” our host at the Mitai Village asked us.  No one raised their hand.  Disappointed he asked again, “Who wants to volunteer to be chief.”  Thinking hard he went a different route, “Whoever is chief gets to eat first!” My stomach gurgled, I was famished.  Half begrudgingly I rose my hand, “If I get to eat first I’ll be chief.”  Smiling our host claimed me “Chief Harry.”

For those of you who are wondering, “What is a Hangi?” A hangi is a traditiona...Read more

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