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Smitten Me Please: San Francisco’s Premier Ice Cream

When Bruce and I were back in SF, we linked up with Smitten Ice Cream because of a referral from my friend Patrick Stern.  Pat told me that Smitten made ice cream to order, which I thought was impossible.

The next day, I had my first ice cream at Smitten.  Like always, I had my camera with me.  Eliza, Smitten’s Marketing/Social Media Manager, saw me taking photos and asked if I was a photographer.  ”Something like that,” I replied.  After five minutes, Eliza convinced me to take some photos for Smitten.  Naturally, OH had to do a video on this unique place as well.

As a nutrition coach, I can honestly say that ice cream is in no way, shape, or form good for you.  However, as a hobo, there is a balance between things that are good for you and living life.

Smitten makes a high quality product that is made to order and as local and organic as possible.  When I was training my clients, I always told them to be “good” 80% of the time and “bad” 20% of the time.  With Smitten Ice Cream, “bad” wasn’t even that bad.

Sure, sugar isn’t the best thing for human consumption; but I would much rather people eat Smitten‘s ice cream than the plastic ice cream at the big supermarkets.   Smitten makes this delicious craft unlike any other.

We liked the people at Smitten so much, we did a special video for them to enter into the Eat Street Video Contest.  You can vote for them here:


Our video is on the 3rd page and 7th on the top.

Here is OH’s piece on Smitten as well:

When I said that I didn’t eat ice cream often, I meant it.  Now that I’ve discovered Smitten, if I decide to eat ice cream, I will definitely eat Smitten. I doubt that I’ll find ice cream that comes close to Smitten’s in South America, or anywhere else in the world.  I guess I’ll have to wait until I get back to San Francisco to have my next real cup of ice cream. Thanks for the memories and the awesome ice cream Smitten!

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