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SF Day of Gluttony Challenge: Breakfast (Part 1)

By  Harry Team OH started our “Day of Gluttony Challenge” (DOG) at 6:30 am.  Unlike Bruce, I ate at around 9pm the night before.  Let’s just say I was a bit cocky about my eating abilities.  First stop,  Matching Half, for an espresso.  Jason, the owner of Matching Half pulled our first espresso to kick off the DOG.  Following  Matching Half was  Plow.  Tucked away in Potrero Hill, it’s quite possibly my new favorite breakfast spot in the city.  Not thinking twice, we ordered the Chinese Breakfast.  Third on the list was the SF classic,  Brenda’s.  To our demise, we ordered Shrimp and Grits.  As delicious as this breakfast was, it was a terrible decision to start off our DOG with eating two of the biggest breakfast dishes in SF.  So, when we hit  Broulett’s Larder we decided to take it easy, and go with the yogurt and quinoa granola. Making sure we were still caffeinated, we got Gibraltars at  Blue Bottle Ferry.  Gibraltars are  Blue Bottle‘s signature drink.  For my coffee enthusiasts, it would be the equivalent to a Cortado (Spain) or Flat White (Australia).  Our final breakfast item was my favorite spring roll in town – at  Out the Door, Slanted Door’s take out kiosk.  Full from our first six locations, we began to doubt that we could complete the challenge.  But we still pushed on.  Next stop – lunch at  American Grilled Cheese… Buy the music on Mandeon‘s Sound Cloud.


The List: Restaurants On the Menu


Matching Half - Expresso

Plow - Chinese Breakfast 

Brendas - Shrimp and Grits 

Brouletts - Quinua Granola

Blue Bottle Ferry - Gibraltar

Out the Door - Spring Rolls



American Grilled Cheese - GF Jalapeno Popper

Local Mission Eatery - Little Gem Salad 

Rosamunde - Merguez  Sausage

Namu - Short Rib Korean Tacos

Little Chihuahua - Carnitas Tacos


Afternoon Tea & Happy Hour:

Four Barrel - V60 Drip

Smitten Ice Cream - Strawberry & Vanilla

Samovar - Wei Chi Cha

Magnolia Gastro Brew Pub - Devils on Horseback & Pickle dish & Kalifornia Kolsch 

Alembic - Duck hearts & Promissory Note

Jaspers Corner Tap - Baby Back Ribs & Pale Rider

Cantina - Pisco Sour 



Bar Crudo - Fresh Oysters, Soft Shell Crab Tacos

Zero Zero - Ham Plate, Arugula Salad, Cocktails

Oola - Fried Brussels Sprout

Bar Agricole - Fried Anchovies, Fruit Cup, & Taquila Fix

Baretta - Cioppino, Diablo, Anejo Sour

Maven - Maven Jamison Reserve

NOPA - NOPA Burger, Burnt Honey Pot de creme

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