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"Hardpack is back to HK live" | "Hardpack回到HK Live!"

Hey boys and gals its been god know how long since we played the last HK live gig..And yes we are back playin this gig this year alongside with our brother band "attention to piss" and taiwanese punk band "stay gold"yes we are back to basics now just playin as much shows we can....Its been a while since we have played a show at the fringe club.....

So if any one is out and ab...Read more

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NEW SONG!!! | 新歌!!!

Hello friends, we're extremely proud to announce that we have FINALLY finished a brand spanking new song....it took us all night, but since we were all fired up to get it done, we did it!! WOOO FCUKIN HOO... I'ts gonna be kick ass and we hope that the boys and girls out there enjoy it as much as we had fun writing it.  The song made Kevin feel sexy......me too.  Joseph actually wanted to go downstairs without his shirt on, no joke.  

AND YES we always say the album is almost done.....we're not lying.  It IS almost d...Read more

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"Good news..Our ep is nearly finshed" | 好消息..我們的EP即將完成

Good news everyone our ep  is almost done,We only have 6 songs to finish!!!...Yeah!...We cant wait as well!...| 告訴大家一個好消息:我們的EP快完成了,只剩6首歌!!!... Yeah!...我們也等不及了…

| 告诉大家一个好消息:我们的EP快完成了,只剩6首歌!!!... Yeah!...我们也等不及了…

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BIg thanks to everyone that came to the yo park show" | 非常感謝前來觀賞yo park演出的各位!

Yep....Well what a blast we all had at Yo park!!...Every band and singer played really well..Ferdie was always on fire.....Thanks to everyone who came and watched and thanks to josie,ryan,audio traffic and the ALIVENOTDEAD..COM crew who came out all da way to support!!!...It was awsome seeing you guys and chatting with ya's....Although we were a bit shy to go over and say hi to everyone but you guys and gals have our LOVE!....The best part of the show was that all the band...Read more

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No pic in the poster

I just noticed one thing.......We're not in the Yo park poster...................


We're too ugly that's why hehehehe

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First practice with Kevin since get this................THE FILM AWARDS!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I didn't realize it's been that long since we were in the practice room.......WELCOME BACK KEVIN!!! We missed you, love the hair.......

Recording is still on,.....watch out for that.....and the new 24 HERBS joint is bad ass toooooo


Oh yeah come to Yo Park...

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Hmmmmm.....well ummmmm.....erghhhhh......Yep umm........hhmmmmmm.....Its umm..erghhhh...going....ummm...erghhh... so far so good.......

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"ALIVENOTDEAD family show"

Yes boys and gals...bands and friends of the alivenotdead family has been given a slot to play together on the same nite at ummm..YO PARK...although the sound is not gonna be great but it will be a good vibe and a goodnite to spend the nite together..umm.. i mean musically!...well its gonna be good for kevin cus he hasnt played a show with hardpack since april 19th....

YO PARK MUSIC FESTIVAL 第二擊 - 何超, 許懷欣, Audio Traffic, Hardpack

Festival第二擊:2007年7月13日何超, 許懷欣, Audio Traffic, Hardpack時間:8:30pm地點:紅磡黃埔新天地聚寶坊1...Read more

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STARTED recording again~!!!!

GOOD news everybody~!!!

hardpack start recording again yesterday.

i m sure the ablum will be out soon.

too bad i am not able to join the testing session with phat n seth.

anyway i will join tmr.

Coming sat there will be a show in Warehouse Aberdeen.

Glenn 's mighty STW will be playing. but i m not sure when are they playing.

so get there on time~!!!!!

PS: glenn will be using his new bass guitar~!!!hahaaa......


June 23 2007 SATUR...Read more

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Hardpack is loved by EVERYONE

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/zWru1rKxZSU

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Love canto-pop Love canto-punk

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