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The story begins back in 2001 when two local punk rock hooligans (KK vocals/guitar and Joseph guitar/backing vocals) formed what is now known as Hardpack.

Originally, Hardpack burst on to the scene as a 3-piece outfit with Joseph playing drums, KK on vocals/guitar and Nelson on bass. A year later their good friend Nelson decided to bow out of the band and long time punk rock enthusiast, Hang, was recruited to continue.

Ming later joined the band filling in the drums position moving Joseph to 2nd guitar. A fter a year of playing punk rock Ming realized that metal was his roots and decided to leave the band to fill the drummer position for Kinglychee, Kevin (who at the time WAS the KLC drummer) joined Hardpack in a spectacular drummer trade which resulted in Hardpack getting the better end of the deal. Just kidding MING.

Phat from the mighty LMF also decided to join soon after Kevin to take over vocal duties in order for KK to focus on his awesome down picking guitar technique.

Shortly after Ar Hang decided, after a few years of playing in Hardpack that he really can't stand Kevin's bad jokes and KK's constant wearing of silk boxer shorts in the band room ("You can't see it but you know it's there, I feel like it's looking at me"Hang) He decided to leave in seclusion in the mountains of Kwun Tong for a change of atmosphere.

Glenn from the best hardcore band in the world STW, volunteered to join the Hardpack crew soon after in order to help the band continue their very busy schedule. He was SO good they begged him to stay.

Hardpack sound is punk rock on the positive side highly focused around staying happy. Their live show is deeply rooted on creating an atmosphere based on friendship not just with each other, but with the entire audience. An ultimate goal of these 5 young passionate punks is to build up Hong Kong's punk rock scene together with many of Hong Kong's other punks to let people around this city and world over revel in the spirit of punk rock.

Lyrics are churned out from within the hearts of the band and inspired on stuff happening in their lives. Lyrics are also written to mock certain situations or individuals who the band feels deservers ridicule. But ultimately, lyrics are not restricted to any specific topic or feelings who knows what the future holds.

On the other hand Hardpack has had their music on the movie "The four heavenly kings" directed by daniel wu and song arrangments for josie ho.So yes lets see what the future holds for this local shitty band........ To find out more about this band, hit up their website: www.hardpack.net for PLENTY of more info, photos, news updates, and feel free to leave a message on their website's messageboard

Members: - Glenn: Bass - Kevin: Drums - KK: Vocals / Guitar - Joseph: Guitar / Backing Vocals - Ah Phat: Vocals

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Love canto-pop Love canto-punk

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Languages Spoken
english, cantonese, mandarin
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Hong Kong
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April 10, 2007