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   Long time no update!!! We need to do this more often hahaha.

To our friends, we FINALLY took pics for the album artwork last Saturday.  It was a hella crazy day with the boys and the master himself Mr. Wing Shya...insane day but super fun.  You guys are gonna love our pics.

Keep the faith!!


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Hardpack without phat..........

as you all may kno ...the show we played on sat was phat last show with hardpack.

wish him all the best with 24H .we are alwayz there for u .



see ya in the pit


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welcome to 2008.

hey did you guys watch hardpack greeting in the front pg.?

if not....please do so now.......

BY the way , please come to fringe club this coming jan 5,

as this is going to be the first show hp going to play in 2008.

see ya in the pit.


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Hardpacks next gig!

Yep we were all lost for words after playin lastnites show cus it was too awsome to put into words so we gave kevin the honours in spilling it out on his blog..so check out his shitty little blog for our after show feelins....In the mean time we are gonna be supporting act for one of our favourite band "Little fat pig" in dec 14th...This band has come to nearly all of our shows and has showed so much alove and support over the years and without thinkin we immediately said yes to their invitation....They are the funniest bunch of...Read more

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The Video

The Girl Sucks video is now playing in Citybuses all over Hong Kong...Woohooo!  One time it actually played while I was on the damn bus.....it was funny because I was standing next to the TV and this old dude watching the video was confused.....he kept looking back and forth from the TV to me. HAHAHAHA.  He must have thought, "This guy must be a rockstar so why the hell is he taking public transportation???" HEHEHE...

On the same note.....(please allow me to put on my serious hat here for a moment).........through the years Hardpa...Read more

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"Yes we have finally fixed our band room" | “是的,我們終於修繕了樂隊房間”

thanks to the help of shepherds the weak for there time and effort not to forget to mention kevin as well, the band room is now a 2nd home to all of us!!! The STW boys and kevin have made the band room into a better jammin environment....Ummm...but the best part is the chill out room!..So with a shitty phone camera we just wanted to share with ya's on what it looks like now...With a little time and effort and a bit of team work...here it is!!...we will upload more pics when we find ...Read more

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Album and "The Drummer"

Hello Friends and  Family......


I hope you guys are still as excited as we are about our EP........KK said he was so excited he had to change his bed sheets......we told him camo to hide the stain.

Anyway, it's been a while but it's finally done.  It was fun recording with our very good friend and mentor Davy, we owe him our manhood.

We have a very extensive Thank you list......on top of our list of course are our supporter...Read more

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done~!!!! | 完成!!!

hey ~! everyone~!!!!

our first ep all recording are done~!!!

thx and respect to davy~!

| 嘿~!各位~!!!



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Hello friends!!!!

 Thank you so much for coming out last night and supporting all three bands.  Although we screwed up a few parts here and there (Kevin's fault Kevin's fault Kevin's fault BWAHAHAHAHA!! just kidding Kev) everyone still had a great time and showered us with love.  This is the reason why we do it and to see so many familiar faces in the crowd having a good time definitely brought tears to our eyes......yes really. 

 Thank you to AnD family, Audiosexy boys, Skot, Ferds, our significant others, the A...Read more

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