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Looking back

Thanks to everyone that checked out and commented on our new music video, none of this is possible without the help of our dear friends from alivenotdead.com and of course the punks out there who have supported us all these years.  This is my second year in Hardpack, and oh my god what a ride it has been.  You know what it's like when you're about to hit a loop in a roller coaster ride? More excited than scared right? As though someone's tickling the gap between your ass and your balls?? The amazing sensation is kinda like that in Hardpack, but NON STOP.  I'm in a band with 4 awesome dudes,  met countless awesome people along the way.  Played hundreds of memorable shows, been on the road together,  put up with each others smell. etc etc etc........so much good stuff.  There's really nothing else I can ask for......well maybe that they clean up the friggin bandroom every now and then but I guess you can't get everything.  By the way guys thanks for stocking up the fridge with beer instead of iced lemon tea this time,  You've made us fat alcoholic fucks from Shepherds The Weak very very very happy :-)

ANYWAY enough of my ramblings, I'd just like to say that we have so much more in store for everyone, just wait and see. EP and more shows coming up including  KK's proposed burlesque show, featuring himself and Joseph,  be on the look out for THAT one.


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