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Let's Fight Part 2

    Hello there boys and Girls

  Thank you so much to my bandmates in Hardpack for helping us promote my bands teeny weeny gig last night.  The turn out was good all things considered.

I'm gonna take this opportunity  to shamelessly plug my band "SHEPHERDS THE WEAK"

WE are also a struggling local hk band, a bit on the heavy side but just as full of passion.   If heavy music is your cup of tea, please do not be afraid to visit us at

http://www.myspace.com/shepherdstheweak       or http://www.shepherdstheweak.com 

We don't have any shows at the moment but if there are any organizers out there reading this please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

One last thing LET'S FIGHT is coming up boys and gals, come and bring your friends and family, bring your dog and your nextdoor neighbour too.  Lots of good music, good bands, good times and hot sweaty beer gutted punk band bass players hanging about (this one in particular is single LAAAAAAADDDDIIIIIIEEEEEESSSSSS!!)

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Yeah man can I add STW here as well??
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