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Meet at Peet's on Saturday

I'll be leaving L.A. on Saturday, Sep 4, heading back home to Hong Kong. It wouldn't be fair though to leave without giving those of you who live in L.A. a chance to chat.

So, I'll be at Peet's Coffee in Studio City from 1:00 to 3:00 on Saturday afternoon. Feel free to drop by.

12215 Ventura Boulevard

Studio City‎, Los Angeles

Stay well people.

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Coming home. Empty handed? Not quite.

I've been in L.A. for just over 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I didn't get to do what I came here to do, and that was a very big let down, but I may be leaving with something much bigger.

Shortly after arriving in L.A., pressures from multiple sources combined with past injuries and bad habits led to serious muscle strain in my throat. It was so bad that I had to see an ENT specialist. After prodding from Peisha and another newly discovered friend, I made an appointment to see Dr Nasseri.

Dr Nasseri is ...Read more

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iPad Reflections

Before leaving home for L.A., I took possession of a new iPad. I knew I'd be carrying my computer with me wherever I went, and the MacBook Pro can get heavy after a while. I should clarify that when I'm in L.A., I invariably walk everywhere, only taking the public transport when I have to travel longer distances. It's not unusual for me to walk 4 to 5 miles in a single day while I'm here. Needless to say, my waist is getting smaller :-)

So, I brought the iPad with me. Right from the beginning, it has been a great help...Read more

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Mute, not deaf, but thank you for caring.

The Friday before last, I did one of Peisha's lessons at home and then a few hours later sang again in a different kind of vocal training at a friend's place for another hour. This particular lesson of Peisha's was a hard one with close to 45 minutes of gruelling workout. Not long after beginning the other training session, my voice was already feeling tired.

The next day, I was made very aware of my error. I had developed something known as Supraglottal Muscle Tension Dysphonia. The muscles aroun...Read more

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Gary 譚偉權史上首個個人音樂會

I'm off for L.A. in a couple of hours, but before I go…

We're going to see Gary's show in September. We have our tickets.

Are you going?


Gary's show

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Inconvenience with an unexpected bonus

It's complicated.

Flying to L.A. was supposed to be relatively easy to arrange. We booked the flight with our agent in mid-late July, a full three weeks before the scheduled date of departure. The return flight was confirmed, and I was put on the waiting list of 4 flights from HKG to LAX. Going online to zuji, every flight of every airline was pretty full. Apparently, people were returning home after visiting the World Expo during the Summer holidays.

I stayed on those four waiting lists until the bo...Read more

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Project 'S'

For more than a year, I've had this project in my mind, thinking about it, planning it, sometimes writing it down. Now however, Project S has become an actuality.

We've been working on Project S for several weeks. Next week, I'll be flying to L.A. to continue work on it, and you'll begin to see more about it soon after.

Part of Project S will entail a re-design of my web site. I have a basic design in mind, but need to find a talented graphic designer to implement it for me. As with all things, the beaut...Read more

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Interesting times

Hello people.

It has been a long long time, but I'm still around. Just needed to let you know that.

Things are interesting, and getting more interesting.

Last week, I was in New York helping a group of people to develop and fine tune a Broadway play. It was extremely challenging and tiring but very satisfying. It's not possible to say whether I'll be invited to perform in the public release of this play, but there is a chance nonetheless. We'll see.

This week, I'm in L.A., visiting with my...Read more

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Now 5 domains in 1

Our new friends from 北川中學 were here for a week. They left this morning. I printed special oversize name cards for them last night, and while doing so, realised that my domain names would not be memorable for our 普通话 friends on the other side of the border, so I registered another domain ;-)

My site is now accessible at all of the following domains: www.gregory.hk, www.hokwokwing.hk, Read more

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Good intentions. Disastrous results.

Back in 2007, I was helping a friend with their computer in their home, which I had done on multiple occasions in return for their friendship and the occasional bowl of noodles. They trusted me and I valued that trust, so much so that I made an effort to not see anything on the computer that was private including messages, photos and passwords.

At the time while testing their printer, I came across a great sporting photo of their spouse. We have a semi-professional printer at home and I thought I'd surprise th...Read more

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