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Blown away!

I'm blown away by the Apple iTunes system.

I'm getting myself organised for a musical future, and part of that involved converting and importing into iTunes all of the Karaoke VCDs and DVDs we have in the house. When the tracks become part of the system, they're easily accessible, and they'll get listened to. The process of converting and importing the Karaoke tracks took three days of Read more

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alive not dead

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The Cost of Companionship

People sometimes ask me if looking after 11 dogs is expensive. Well, it is and it isn't. On average, we go through one 15kg bag of dog food each week which isn't too bad. The food cost doesn't scare us. The potential medical cost does.

Over the last month, all of our kids have had all of their shots including one for Heart Worm, a combo 5-in-1 shot, and yesterday the mandatory Rabies shot. Because we have 11 kids, we don't go to the vet. The vet comes to us. The home visit costs extra but everything gets done...Read more

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In L.A. again

It has been a very busy past week or so, and I haven't had time to update the blog. I apologise for that.

The big news is that I'm now in L.A.. I arrived on Monday afternoon. I'll be studying singing with Peisha (she has a new technique to teach me), and scoping around for an agency to represent me too.

In addition, I'll be performing at one of Peisha's Cabaret showcases. I'll be perfor...Read more

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「集體回憶」 radio interview part 2 now online (20080502)

Part 2 of my UonLIVE.com 集體回憶 interview was posted on 2 May 2008. Again, it's in Cantonese ;-) Here is the direct download link.

I have also just done a telephone interview for Radio Centre-Ville FM102.3 in Montréal, Quebec, and an interview for the U ...Read more

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Durango. The Crew

With Dragonball being my first Hollywood production, I was not entirely prepared for the calibre of the crew. They were quite extraordinary.

The director

James Wong was the director. I watched him carefully. I wanted to see how Hollywood directors interacted with their cast. At TVB, our directors had (past tense because I'm no longer there...Read more

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「集體回憶」 radio interview part 1 now online (20080428)

Available now for your listening is Part 1 of a two-part radio interview, one in the 集體回憶 series over at UonLIVE.com. Part 2 will become available on Friday evening, May 2.

The interview is in Cantonese and UonLIVE's web page is in Chinese. If you can understand Cantonese but not read Chinese and wish to listen to the interview, boogie over to their web page and look for 2008-04-28 TVB 外國人河國榮 in the listing. Failing that, here is the direct ...Read more

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The Problem with Starbucks

Starbucks' stock ( SBUX) is collapsing, and I think I know why. People are drinking less Starbucks.

Gregory at Starbucks in Farmers Market

Me at the Starbucks restaurant in Farmers Market, taken while studying at the Lee Strasberg Institute in 2004...Read more

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Durango. The Work

In January, having just left TVB after 20 years of acting there, I found myself working with Mr Chow Yun Fat 發哥 as his personal dialect coach, flying business class to a small city called Durango located in Mexico where we lived and worked for just over two months working on the Fox production Dragonball. It was quite an experience but not much fun (acceptable, given that this was a working trip rather than a pleasure trip).

css note: div must be z=1 or the links ...Read more

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Interview in this week's 東周刊 East Weekly (20080422)

Just over a week ago, Ken Leung, an editor from Eastweek 東周刊, along with three other associates, came to my home and interviewed me for the magazine. That interview was published today in this week's issue. Unfortunately, Eastweek is not available online so you'll only be able to see the interview if you can buy the magazine.

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