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An honourable kill?

From TwinCities:

The famous Field and Stream buck won't set a world record, but the antlers of the deer downed two months ago by Bob Decker, of Eau Claire, Wis., will bear another significant honor.

Wouldn't it have been more honorable to let the buck live and watch it thrive? Where's the honour in killing an innocent non-threatening creature? I'll never understand these people...


Over at AliveNotDead, I have been informed about the deer population problems in certain states in the U.S.A. Without natural predators (bears, wolves, mountain lions), the deer population continues to increase at an inconvenient rate. Hunting is considered the only way to keep the population at a healthy level.

Even so, I would hope that a more humane method of population control could be found, or at least a painless one. Very few hunters are accurate enough to guarantee a painless kill with just one bullet or one arrow. Some people suggest that does (female deer) should be killed in preference to bucks (male deer). If we were talking about dogs or cats where one female usually gives birth to several offspring, then I'd agree, but deer rarely give birth to more than one fawn (baby deer) so killing does in preference to bucks will not make a significant difference to the deer population.

Like heavy snowfall (hello Vancouverites ;-), those of us not encumbered by the deer problem would love to see deer roaming free and cringe at the thought of killing them, while for the people living in deer territory, deer culling is a necessary part of life.

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
poor deer. =(
over 11 years ago
1. Venison is healthier to eat than beef. 2. larger animals consumer more resources. Deer, especially "trophy" deer, tend to live in climates where the winters get very cold and snowy. Food becomes scare. Deer die of starvation if the herd isn't thinned. One monster buck consumes much more. 3. Larger herd = faster spread of disease like tuburculosis and chronic wasting disease 4. scarce food + large herds = deer wandering farther for food and ending up in the grill of a Peterbilt 5. Large bucks are older, stronger animals which means he have likely sired many offspring. Many offspring of the same buck in one area will lead to inbreed and weaken the herd. 6. Deer taken in the annual harvest are usually the large, the sick, the lame and the stupid. Removing them strengthens the over all health of the herd. Here in Michigan, there are many hunters. Deer harvest is highly regulated, licenses are sold (which pay part of the salaries for Department of Natural Resrouces) and most act as self policing, reporting any poaching or unsafe harvesting. We have one of the healthiest White Tail populations in the US...
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Photo 120998
Miss Scarlet, very educational post. thank you. cheers, Ho Kwok Wing
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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Living in a place where the major cause of traffic accidents is collisions with deer, I support the deer harvest. Their population has increased to the point in this part of the US (Southeast) that you see them walking down city streets in broad daylight looking for food, including every ornamental shrub and bulb that has any appeal to their taste buds. Most gardeners have given up. All we are doing is feeding the deer. They are destroying the local forests by over grazing and stripping the bark off of all of the saplings. It is so bad that Duke University has sent hunters into their research forest preserves to cull the deer. The deer population in those scattered patches of woods have reached 80/acre. This is over twice the desired number of deer. Since I don't think anyone is for reintroducing packs of wolves, bear and mountain lions into the increasingly populated Southeast, hunting is the only solution. Now if only hunters would take more does and help re-regulate the population to a more natural level.
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@ Marie Jost: We started having an "over-does" problem a couple years back. The Michigan DNR fixed it by selling antlerless deer (doe) licenses as a cheap add-on to the standard license--previously it was a raffle you paid to get into for a doe license and there was no guarantee you'd win the raffle so many hunters didn't even enter--and, if a hunter with a license got a deer and wanted to harvest a second, he/she could still buy an add-on antlerless just as cheaply.
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Photo 120998
"wolves, bear and mountain lions" I was going to ask who the natural controllers were. You've answered that for me. It's a shame they can't be reintroduced but populous locations would definitely won't to keep these predators away.
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They tried to reintroduce wolves into the Smokey Mountain National Park a couple years back. Rather than going after their "natural diet" in the Smokey Mountains, they opted for easier feed at the farms and ranches.
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