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on the origins of grace.sky.blue

'gray skies blue' is an phrase from a notably poignant song i wrote at age 17.

it was written on an airplane flying across the continental us. i was finally leaving maryland for good. at the time i wasn't sure if i'd ever return and part of me felt very sorry for it. i guess this song appeased my need for documentation of this transitive phase of mine.. as well as allowed me to state (if only to myself) that i wasn't okay, that i was still hurting. i think that at the time i just didn't want to be in denial anymore. it's funny how five years later i sometimes feel as if i've retrogressed from that point. since then i can't even imagine the countless moments that i've held it all in, pushed it all away. how many times have i procrastinated facing the truth?

anyway i stray..

i'd like to think that this song represents who i am. it's a slow song, so it's simple. it's not cluttered with any excess instruments or effects. the key is minor and the overall meaning is melancholy. but the end hints at good things to [possibly] come. unproven. extremely personal. not easily appreciated by most. and non-repetitive for my sporadic nature.

that's me. gray skies turned blue. summed up into one entirely jaded screenname: grace.sky.blue

the line from the song is "but i promise you eventually the sky will turn blue, as i will return to you." and with absolutely no intelligent thought necessary, therein lies a depiction of my life as the sky, turning from gray to blue. it's just this insignificant hope that i have for myself.. that's all.

i lost myself somewherewalking around in the raini let your words surround mei will never be the same 在你眼裡 興福早已消失

(in your eyes, happiness has become a foreign concept)愛情 總是難晚留

(love truly is difficult to hold on to)在你我之間的緣份我沒有力氣 去追求

(i don't have the energy anymore to pursue the fate that binds us together) i close my eyesand let the rain wash over mein darkness i cryrelease my voicesurrender myself我必需要 離開所有

(i am forced to leave everything behind)我是 對不起你

(i've wronged you i know)but i promise youeventually the sky will turn blueas i will return to you我們的緣份 能繼續

(and then our fate can continue again)

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