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H1N1 Strategic Protocols from the CDC (remain unnoticed by the general public)

  1. Health effects of H1N1 are the same as regular flu except that you end up dying from a cytokine reaction overload:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNhiHf84P9c ( Dirty Pictures:perhaps we can learn from 'how we erradicate smallpox. Ans:Early Detection-Early Response with the right medicines).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikMzh8-i36w ( H1N1 just arrived in a new form. H5N1 has not gone away since it was born. We need to act fast and we need to act quickly).

  1. The CDC at level 3 wrote the following recommendation (see below or actual link) and published on April 27 (@11:00am) pretty soon afterwards on Monday we transitioned to level 4. We are now at level 5. Based on this information, we should be masking ourselves in a 50-100 mile radius at any area that has shown a hotspot (Texas, New York, California etc). This goes for other countries (S.Korea, U.K.,etc).

  1. What are your suggestions? Some now agree that we should quarantine people in their homes and take out our anti-anthrax weaponry to reduce the H1N1 virus. On a scale of things, the H1N1 virus is a soldier vs. anti-anthrax weaponry.

BioNeutral has a weapon against anthrax-bioterrorism. We need to use an anti-tank weapon against this soldier called H1N1 virus. Problem is that the longer we wait, the stronger or more soldiers there will be available. There is no other option. Making vaccines will take too long.

On April 29th, 2009: BioNeutral appointed Dr. Steven Goldmann to their advisory board and these were his words (click on picture to enlarge, words underlined in red) - Dr. Goldmann served on the CDC as advisor ( read full story here):

  1. If nothing happens soon, I will start rounding up a group of advocates to commercialize the process. There is just too much evidence based medicine behind this -we cannot wait any longer.

  2. For me, this whole thing started with the workers following a CDC protocol of using household bleach 10% (1part in 10 parts water) against mold and either didn't wait long enough or the CDC protocol has a flaw and I had a toxigenic (black mold) & allergenic mold (aspergillus, penicillium) + bacteria (staph, entero, coryne, etc) infestation in the home.

This Ygiene ingredient which is 'anti-anthrax' took it out in 2 seconds safely, effectively and into water!! Was it overkill? So far so good, I've never seen anything like it. Do we convince the CDC (lots of paperwork) or mobilize ourselves, our family, our loved ones into safety? ... whatever works: need to save lives and to do it harmlessly. I've looked at the safety levels of this thing and it is harmless to the environment and humans (notice Dr. Tierno states: 'it is green'). Lab data & developing story.

Why isn't it available yet? The company only got listed on the stock exchange in February. They only started to look at the business side of things.

But we don't have time to wait. We need to take action NOW!

For the record: I am taking action on my side.

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Watch the second video. Listen to what Larry Brilliant says about a category 4 pandemic level. We need an 'early response' not just 'early detection'. He states the consequences are unthinkable in 2006. You will see a simulation of what a pandemic looks like (how it starts slowly). May this serve you and help you understand why I believe we need to act NOW.
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