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Men, Do you like them shaved or hairy??

I myself cannot grow facial hair..

I look like a malnurished chimp when I try and grow a beard!

What do girls here think of unhairy men??

Just thought I'd throw that out there into the asian community.. the land of irregular body hair.



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hahaha I can't even grow one of those! how about armpit hair? maybe i could glue some on my chin? :)
about 15 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Both my husband and I are White, and he has had facial hair since I first met him when he was 22. At first it was just a mustache (it was 1981, afterall). That was okay. But then, as he got older, he wanted to grow a beard. It is a neatly trimmed mustache-goatee, but I'm not such a fan of it. Now he is going gray and the beard is almost all gray and this makes him look so much older than he really is. But he doesn't care, he's a man and looking older than his years is no big deal. Now I look like I'm hanging out with this old man, even though he's a year younger than I am. Sigh. Beware of facial hair when you start going gray, facial hair goes gray before head hair. But Asians typically go gray later than their White counterparts, so it isn't so much of an issue, is it? In terms of Asian men: if it looks good, go for it. If it doesn't, don't worry about it. Facial hair on Asian men does really seem to change their look, so you have to decide is that the look you want if you've got the hair follicles to do it.
about 15 years ago
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replying to silky. I need to take some of my ass hair and transplant it onto my face then. Its like saying to a person who has had their face chopped off to make the best out of it. Decaprio has more facial hair than me. depressing...
about 15 years ago
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Judging from the comments I think the entire band is much happier going for the half-assed / scruffy look. I think everyone is naturally behaving like this anyway so! and also judging from the comments I also give up trying to grow facial hair. It simply doesn't want to grow on my face.. L
about 15 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Getting away from facial hair for a moment: let's talk chest hair. If you've really got it, flaunt it. If you have got a sprinkling of stray hairs spread out across your chest, wax it. If you've got hair on your shoulders and back, wax, baby, wax!!! I feel queasy just thinking about it. The Neanderthal look went out of fashion about 18,000 years ago. We hope we are more civilized now. For all you college guys who think that growing as much unruly body hair as possible the instant you get away from your parents is cool, guess again... Your buds at the frat may go for it, but as far as the babes, they think its positively gross.
about 15 years ago
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women say I look good with a moustache! I lurve women! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jBXn0d96ac
about 15 years ago
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Any thought on the hairway to heaven?
about 15 years ago


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